Not everyone is well-versed in the technique of kissing. Heck, everyone has a first kiss. (Or, most everyone does at some point in life.) For Josiah Duggar, his first kiss happened on his wedding day. Throughout his courtship with Lauren Swanson, he honored the Duggar Family way of doing things and waited until after he exchanged vows with Lauren before planting a kiss on her.

What does a young man do to know what to do if he has not kissed a woman on the lips? Well, Josiah improvised so that he could get some practice before the big day. He literally relied on what he had at hand.

His practice involved “making out with his hand,” Brides reported on October 2.

First kiss depicted in season finale of “Counting On”

If knowing how Josiah prepared for his wedding day kiss is TMI, then scan past the upcoming season finale of “Counting On,” which is slated for broadcast on TLC at 9 PM EST on October 8. There is not likely going to be a huge mystery about the episode since several media outlets have published reports denoting the content.

While some publications are defining Josiah’s and Lauren’s post-nuptials kissing as worthy of cringing, others have stated that it is sweet. For Josiah and Lauren, however, it was a time to remember and probably cherish. As In Touch Weekly made note, “No one's first kiss ever goes perfectly,” so the publication focused on the couple’s second kiss.

But first kiss, first.

Wedding ceremony was in June

Josiah and Lauren were married in June. The location of the couple’s ceremony, officiated by the bride’s father, was John Brown University Cathedral of the Ozarks, which is in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, People reported.

People also scooped the exclusive about the time leading up to Josiah’s and Lauren’s first kiss.

Joseph assures Josiah, kissing is not ‘that complicated’

Included in the finale, Joseph, 23, shows that he is the one to turn to for advice about how to land the first kiss in a good way. He tells Josiah, 22, that surely his younger brother can “figure it out.” He also makes the point, “It’s not really that complicated.” Sure it is if you’ve never done it before and don’t want to botch the kiss.

Josiah took a solid approach by stating that he asked Lauren “just to stay still,” also making sure to let her know, “kind of go with it,” People reported. Great idea that he had! No one wants to face a moving target of affection when making the all-important move in front of a cathedral, as well as a television audience. Talk about pressure to get it right. There you have a monumental reason for Josiah to think that he needed to have some means to practice before actually kissing his bride.

The groom-to-be had an additional reason for practicing on his hand.

He wondered what kissing would feel like from her standpoint. That was thoughtful. Josiah’s first kiss was “steamy,” according to In Touch.

Second kiss poses a problem for the groom

The second kiss, however, posed a problem when Lauren rebuked Josiah’s advances. Oh, no, it happened in front of so many people. That one of the people also at the matrimonial altar was Lauren’s father might be a reason for her to shy from more PDA, In Touch explained.

When his siblings got married, as well, Josiah initiated pranks. Possibly Lauren was instructed by his siblings to pull away if he attempted a second kiss as their way of payback. Lauren’s father assessed, “That's not bad for a first kiss,” which Lauren describes in the finale as “like an early Fourth of July fireworks party.”

The next wedding among Duggar family offspring is Nov.

3. John David is marrying Abbie Burnett in Oklahoma. The couple recently shared a photo on their joint Instagram account. The picture shows the duo breaking a Duggar family courtship rule. They skipped the side hug aspect of the rule.

Now that Cousin Amy is back in the Duggar family's good graces following her recent birthday, it is possible that she and her husband Dillon King might attend the wedding. She missed Jinger's and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding due to a conflict in the timing. She made other plans before knowing of the wedding date.

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