Comic-book legend and Marvel executive Stan Lee recently discussed the drama surrounding his personal life from the past few months. Lee was interviewed by the Daily Beast when he discussed personal matters such as allegations of elder abuse, theft, lawsuits and a restraining order against his former manager Keya Morgan.

Yahoo has said that Stan Lee believes there's not much drama going on. He says he loves his daughter and says he has a perfect life. However, he does wish his wife could still be here with him. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the story of allegations claiming that Lee's daughter J.C. was abusing her father, along with three other key individuals.

Public knowledge of abuse allegations began in February

Since the report was disclosed to the public, Stan Lee has filed multiple lawsuits against his former associates, as well as filing a restraining order against his former manager. Lee has defended his daughter publicly, saying that he loves her and they have a normal relationship with occasional spats.

Polygon confirmed that the Los Angeles Police Department had been investigating claims of elder abuse against Lee. The LAPD has been quiet ever since and has not updated anyone on the status of the investigation. Lee's daughter fired back against the abuse allegations made against her. J.C. said she never touched her mother, father or dog.

Keya Morgan is not allowed to contact Stan Lee or come within 100 yards of him. He is also barred from contacting J.C. and Lee's family. Lee did not tell the Daily Beast much about him, except that his partner turned out to be a disappointment. Morgan is also facing charges of reporting a false emergency.

Stan Lee will forever be remembered for his work

While Lee is facing all this chaos and drama, Stan Lee believes the legacy he will leave behind will be secure. Lee explained that when he was starting out he did everything himself. He managed the books, paid bills and the paperwork. He later realized that he needed help. He brought people in that were close to him.

Those people ended up burning him, saying they were people he shouldn't have trusted.

As Stan Lee begins to take a step back from all his work, Desert Wind Comics and Collectibles announced that Stan Lee would no longer do signing events at public events or conventions. Lee himself said that he doesn't plan on traveling to any more fan conventions but that he will be coming up with more projects and will continue to have cameo appearances in Marvel films.