"Little People, Big World" stars Matt and Amy Roloff, headed to Atlanta mid-week. Matt Roloff went to a book reading and Amy also went for a photo shoot. Caryn Chalder decided to go and explore Tucson, Arizona for the first time. She went without Matt. The Pumpkin Season may be in full swing, but this year, Caryn's not a part of it. So, there's time for her to head off with her "Bffs."

LP, BW - Pumpkin Season freedom for Caryn Chandler

Caryn must enjoy the freedom of not working the Pumpkin Season this year. In an earlier Instagram post, she showed a video at the start of the season.

It showed Matt Roloff driving her around on opening day. During the video, Caryn said she isn't working this year. Matt said that was "sad." However, maybe Caryn's not that sad. In fact, the place she's visiting looks totally gorgeous, as you can see in the post further down this page.

Fans of "LP, BW," got to read Caryn's caption that said, "Decided to spend a lil time in AZ while Matt n fam went to Atlanta. First time visiting pretty Tucson. Off to explore the City w Wendy (one of my Bffs). Happy Friday have a fun weekend everyone. "

Fans react to Caryn's post about Tucson

"Little People, Big World" fans reacted to Caryn's post. Obviously, those people who come from Tucson expressed their delight.

@beachchick12718 seemed happy, noting, "Welcome we live here too. A lot going on this weekend." Another fan, fitzy_fitzpatrick85743, suggested an activity. "You should go downtown for “Tucson Meet Yourself.” It’s a wonderful folk festival. Love my city!!!" Other followers suggested places to eat out, and others noticed she picked some rainy weather for her visit.

Mind you, even with the rain, some "LP, BW" followers were a bit envious. @randirpatton said they were "so jealous! It was in the 50s here today, and I was not pleased. I’m a summertime girl. I’d like to live where [it] never gets out of the mid-80s during the day!"

Caryn's with a friend but probably misses Matt Roloff

Matt and Caryn seem deeply connected these days.

Both of them look very happy together, as do Amy and Chris. Last year, viewers saw way too much pain and unhappiness in the Roloff family. Fortunately, this year to a large extent, everyone seems to have moved on. Hopefully, the family now goes forward without toxicity as Grandchildren, cute little Baby J and pretty little Ember, need a loving environment. The fact of the matter is that Caryn is a part of the family scene, whether fans like it or not. As one follower noted, she's very likely missing Matt when he's away.

What do you think about Caryn Chandler going to Tucson without Matt Roloff? Do you think she's missing him, or just having a blast with her friends? Stay in touch with news about "Little People, Big World" by following Blasting News' Reality TV channel.