It has been revealed that Kendall Jenner has been working with the big name brand Adidas and the public are extremely critical of this partnership. The public has criticized Jenner's involvement and equated her appearance in this new advertisement for the Pepsi campaign, which continues to hurt her career. The company have released a statement about Jenner's involvement and are not pulling the campaign because of the public backlash.

The public has spoken out against Jenner

According to the Daily Mail, the public is less than happy that Kendall Jenner is working with Adidas who is a big brand.

This comes after the Pepsi controversy in which Jenner was involved and the public has taken to social media to exclaim their shock that the star is working with Adidas.

The public has stated that they are going to drop the brand unless Adidas get rid of Kendall Jenner. They have stated that Kendall Jenner has a lot of negative attention associated with her and Adidas has made an obvious mistake in working with the celebrity. One person claimed that they have been buying from the brand for over 20 years and have announced that they are boycotting the brand unless Jenner goes.

In a report by The Sun, the public has criticized Adidas for not remaining true to their brand and hiring an athlete instead of using a model in their campaign.

They are drawn attention to the fact that Selena Gomez has also worked with the company and many are claiming that the brand is straying from their original image.

According to AD Week, the representatives of Adidas have commented on Kendall Jenner's involvement with their brand and have stated that they wanted to celebrate the celebrity's courage.

Creative officer Leo Premutico has explained that the company has a long history of celebrating reinvention and this is why they chose Kendall Jenner.

The Pepsi campaign still affects Jenner's career

According to The Daily Mail, the Pepsi advertisement that Kendall Jenner starred in continues to negatively affect that star's career.

The Pepsi advertisement starred Kendall as the main character and the advertisement was pulled due to it trivializing civil rights, Black lives matter and political protests.

The nature of the advertisement showed Kendall Jenner offering a can of Pepsi to a police officer during a protest and the result was that the conflict between the protesters and the police ended. The advertisement has since been pulled and Jenner's association with the campaign continues to hurt her career.

Kendall Jenner has made no comment about the backlash that she is receiving for her part in the new Adidas campaign.