Spoiler alerts for ”General Hospitalindicate this will be a big week for Jason Morgan. He will make some headway in his relationship with Sam and will also plot with Carly to discredit Margaux in order to keep Sonny out of prison. Jason will have his hands full trying to outsmart the new DA who wants revenge for her father's death. Mr. Morgan will. assist his best friend in her attempt to save her husband while taking things slow with his former wife by allowing Sam to lead the way to their next level. JaSam fans have been waiting an entire year to see their favorite couple reunite and finally a door is opening.

Jason will deal with Sam, Margaux, and Carly

According to Soap Dirt, Jason will be busy this week plotting with Carly, keeping Margaux off guard and trying not to push Sam too far too soon. The spoiler indicates that Jason will allow Sam to set the pace as he does not desire to be over-eager to rekindle their passion. On Friday Sam initiated a kiss and her former spouse was more than welcoming. He will, however, decide not to push her and spoilers say Ms. McCall will be the one to get frisky.

Soap Hub indicates that Sam will be the aggressor in the situation and spoilers say Jason is going to follow her lead. JaSam have been growing a little closer in recent weeks and parenting Danny together seems to have sealed their destiny.

General Hospital” viewers have been watching the love triangle with Jason, Sam, and Drew go back and forth for a year. Drew recently rejected Sam”s support regarding Oscar’s illness so the DreAM might be over. Sam initiating the kiss with Jason, may be her way of saying she is choosing him over his twin.

Carly and Jason may trick Margaux

Spoilers indicate that Carly will enlist her best friend in a scheme to turn the tables on the new DA. Margaux is out for blood because she believes Sonny murdered her father and Mike helped hide the body. Soap Dirt indicates Jason and Carly will attempt to dig up dirt on Vincent Moreno in an attempt to make him look like a crooked lawyer.

The duo wants Margaux to be so ashamed of her father that she will stop trying to find his murderer. The fact that the DA’s dad was connected to crime bosses Frank Smith and Joe Scully, indicates he may have been involved in some shady deals. Margaux has been warned by Jordan that no one has ever come out on the winning side when they come against Sonny but Ms. Dawson is not listening. JaSam fans have renewed hope but the DA may find she is in over her head. Stay tuned to ”General Hospital” weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this storyline when they become available.