There are only two months left before the release of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" in theaters. It seems that the franchise is not backing down from revealing all the exciting information about the upcoming movie. Last week, the film's panel at the New York Comic Con revealed two versions of the second trailer for the film, which centered on the storyline of the movie, rather than the intense fighting scenes between Freeza and the Saiyans. The latest batch of scans from a Japanese magazine also gave us a closer look at Broly, Lemo, and Cheelye. Goku's voice actors also appeared at New York Comic Con.

Saikyo Jump scans

The new images, as reported by Herms98, give us a detailed look at the six-legged bug monsters that were previously revealed during the "Dragon Ball Movie Front Line" interview. These spiders, resembling monsters, appear on a certain planet. After watching the second trailer for the movie, we finally know that these creatures appear on Planet Vampa, the planet where Broly and Paragus are exiled to by King Vegeta.

If you've watched the previous Broly films, you already know that Broly has a tendency of losing control and going berserk.

Paragus has created a device for Broly, a sort of necklace, that he wears so that he can control his anger. Broly's backstory has also been revealed.

The magazine pointed out that Paragus, who once served King Vegeta, will be coming back for a revenge. Until now, it was believed that King Vegeta was dead, because Freeza already destroyed the Saiyan Planet, along with most of its population.

During the New York Comic Con panel, Christopher Sabat (English voice of Vegeta) said that he had recorded his voice for King Vegeta a long time ago and thought that it was some sort of a flashback, but he didn't realize that it would be for a movie. Monica Rial (Bulma's voice actress) reacted to it like it was some sort of a spoiler, but still, I'm not sure if the King Vegeta will appear in the present timeline of the movie or not.

Lemo and Cheelye

The six-legged monsters that inhabit Planet Vampa are useful, even though they look really creepy. Lemo, a member of Freeza Force, is really weak, but it seems like he is smart and an experienced soldier. Cheelye joins Freeza Force, only because she is chased by the Galactic Patrol for the crime of stealing a Galactic Patrol ship. A recent report about "Dragon Ball Movie Front Line" stated that Cheelye is voiced by Nana Mizuki, who also played some other iconic roles like Wrath (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Hinata (Naruto). Cheelye and Lemo are going to be the first characters, aside from Paragus, to meet Broly, before his encounter with Goku and Vegeta.

The new Dragon Ball Super movie is set to be released on December 14 in Japan. Funimation has acquired the theatrical rights to the movie and is planning to release it in the United States and Canada on January 16, 2019.