Last week, General Hospital Spoilers, from Soap Dirt, teased that the kiss sealed the deal and Sam was going to choose Jason. This week, Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests she may end up with Drew once again. Spoilers have been going back and forth like this for over a year since Steve Burton returned, so it looks like viewers are going to have to figure this one out on their own. All three individuals in this love triangle have given clues that may determine the final outcome. Whichever way things turn out, there will be fans who are elated that their favorite couple persevered, and there will also be fans bitterly disappointed.

JaSam has history, chemistry, and a future

Last week Jason and Sam kissed and would have hit the sheets if not for Alexis barging in. The chemistry between them is evident and cannot be denied. This week JaSam seems to be going in different directions as Soaps She Knows says Jason will turn to Monica and Sam will spend time with Drew. This is not an indication that the kiss and almost hooking up did not matter but just another delay to throw viewers off as has happened all too often.

Sam and Jason have a history with each other, with Sonny, Carly, and Spinelli, as well as their mutual love for danger and adventure. Jason is content to allow Sam to choose her future and accepts that she has feelings for his brother.

The love between these two continues to shine each time they have an encounter and "General Hospital" has not set Jason up with any other possible love interests.

The DreAm has turned into a nightmare

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates this week will bring DreAm closer together and that, on Tuesday, Drew and Sam were bonding with Scout.

This relationship, however, has no foundation as it was built on a lie. The couple will always be connected because of their daughter but there is nothing to keep them together, especially after Drew regains his own memories. Soaps She Knows says that Drew will be thinking some things over this week and his future may be one of them.

He has no idea what he will be dealing with when his memories are returned so he can promise his future to no one at this point. With both Margaux and Kim on the periphery and his having told Sam he does not desire her support regarding his son's cancer, the DreAm might be nothing more than a nightmare at this point. The bottom line is that deep down most "General Hospital" fans believe Steve Burton was brought back for the JaSam reunion. For this reason, spoilers alerts alluding to the DreAm team should be taken with a grain of salt.