Aaron D Spears is best known as Dollar Bill Spencer's right-hand man on "The Bold and the Beautiful." For 10 years he has been on recurring status and recently was put on contract. Although his status has changed, the CBS soap still rarely uses his talents, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

This gave the actor freedom to take on other projects which have included other daytime drama's as well as prime-time appearances. His most recent side gig will be a guest-starring role on ABC's new police drama "The Rookie." Spears will appear in five episodes of the new series which debuts this week.

His first airing will be in episode five.

Aaron D Spears often departs his "B&B" role

Aaron D Spears is best known for his long-running role as Justin Barber on "The Bold and the Beautiful" but he has also appeared in another television programming. He has portrayed Lt. Raines on "Days of our Lives," Officer Watkins on "General Hospital," and Mark Bradley on "Being Mary Jane." He has also had roles on "Bones," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "NCIS," and "Criminal Minds". Now Spears will do a five-episode stint on the ABC drama "The Rookie" which premiered on October 16.

On "The Rookie" Spears will play Ronald Campbell who will first be seen in episode five. The series follows the life of 40-year-old John Nolan who moves to California to fulfill his dream of being a police officer.

Nolan is 20 years older than the other rookies and must deal with the generation gap as he accomplishes his heart's desire. "B&B" fans should enjoy watching this talented actor depart from Justin Barber and tackle yet another role.

The Rookie is a hit with viewers

Reviews indicate that the debut episode of "The Rookie" was a hit with viewers.

If ratings continue to be good the program may be picked up for another season. No details have been given as to the fate of Ronald Campbell so it's not known at this point if the character Aaron D Spears is playing will be killed off or if there is the possibility that he may come back for a recurring role.

If the five episodes Spears has taped for "The Rookie" are a done deal, his fans can always check him out as Justin Barber on "The Bold and the Beautiful" which airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.

Since he recently went on contract perhaps he will have more airtime and possibly a love life. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and recaps of both The Rookie and "B&B" to keep up with what this versatile actor is doing.