Jessa Duggar Seewald has made it known that her older, single sister Jana Duggar is not on social media is also not related to a Duggar Family rule, according to an article by Good Housekeeping published on October 1. While it’s long been believed by Duggar Family fans and social media followers that the reason Jana Duggar is not on social media is related a rule respected by the family, Jessa clarified that that is not the situation at all.

Many fans and followers have long thought that Jana’s absence online reflects a rule among family members that the Duggar offspring do not have social media accounts as long as they are not courting, engaged, or married.

If it were the situation, it would make sense. The family does have some rather conservative beliefs and behaviors.

Not all families have rules like the Duggars

It is not common in the U.S. for females to wear leggings under modest or dress-like swimwear, avoid short sleeves all together, not kiss until their wedding day, and certainly not dance. In the Duggar family, however, the norm entails all of the previously cited.

Duggar rules were not relaxed by the eldest daughters until after they were married, minus the dancing aspect (If the Duggars dance, the activity has never been depicted by TLC for fans to watch). Several of the family’s practices have been known publicly for a long while, such as the parents assigning jurisdictions, which are otherwise known as chores.

Fans’ observation leads Jessa to comment

As much as fans of TLC’s “Counting On” and social media followers may know about the family, there is evidently a lot that has not been relayed for public consumption. One of the biggest mysteries and misconception has surrounded Jana’s absence from social media platforms. Well, sister Jessa has gone on record of commenting about the topic on her Instagram account.

A fan made a comment over the weekend, furthering the belief many people have held about the family’s treatment of social media, noting that the siblings cannot have accounts until they are also in relationships, according to the Hollywood Gossip. The Instagram account holder reinforced the view that use of social media correlates with a Duggar family “rule.”

Purely ‘coincidence’ that Jana is not on social media

Jessa, however, took to her own account to set things straight.

She stated that “It’s not a rule, it’s just coincidence,” Romper reported. To think the mystery has been solved. All it took was a fan to ask for Jana’s Instagram “handle,” adding, “I’d like to follow her.” Thus, the answer emerged.

Not everyone has social media accounts. Many people actually post about getting rid of or leaving a social media platform. The problem is the lack of follow-through. Many people also do not have to see an online account newsfeed every day or review messages to feel complete.

Maybe Jana fulfilling ways to occupy her time, which also does not include dating her friend, Laura DeMasie. Plus, Jana said she is not gay. She is known to enjoy gardening, however. Even if people do not wish to believe Jessa, there is also no reason to think that she is being less than truthful.

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