Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" say that Robin Givens will reprise her role as Dr. Phillips on Monday. The OBGYN who delivered Liam's daughter with Steffy will now do the same for his child with Hope. Soon it will be known whether or not little Kelly will have a new half brother or half sister. This will cause Hope and Liam to bond but may bring out the green-eyed monster in Steffy. Because "LOPE" has miscarried in the past the doctor will probably be on hand to encourage and support the couple. Initially, the doc was taken aback to see Liam with two baby mama's in such a short time but is handling it in a professional manner and will no doubt be on the daytime drama at least until the child is born.

Robin Givens steps into the B&B

The first appearance of Robbin Givens on the CBS soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" was in February. At that time she was the OBGYN for Steffy who was pregnant and not sure who her baby daddy was. DNA tests revealed that Liam was the father but some viewers believed that Dollar Bill might later be named as Kelly's biological dad. Spoilers even teased that Dr. Phillips was being blackmailed by Bill to keep the secret but nothing ever came of that storyline.

Givens appeared on "B&B," sporadically, whenever Steffy needed medical care during her pregnancy and the baby's delivery. She began showing up again once Hope chose her as her own OBGYN. There are no details as to why the actress decided to do daytime, or what led the powers that be to choose her.

Sometimes celebrities seek roles on their favorite Soap Opera but this has not been announced about Robin Givens.

Dr. Phillips supports Liam and Hope

Dr. Phillips delivered Liam, and Steffy's daughter Kelly, and was shocked to find out he has another child on the way with Hope. The OBGYN has handled the situation well and Soap Dirt says that she will announce to Liam and Hope the gender of their unborn child this week.

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that "Lope" may know as soon as Monday, whether or not they have a boy or girl.

Earlier in the pregnancy Hope had a scare but spoilers indicate the rest of her gestation period should be smooth sailing. Once the child is born, and follow up care is done, Dr. Phillips will no longer be needed by Liam and his wife.

This may be the last time Robin Givens appears on "B&B" but there is always the chance she could be used again for another pregnant character. There is also the possibility that down the road the show may yet again revisit Dolar Bill being Kelly.s dad so stay tuned.