James Bond appeared on the scene in 1962 and took the movie world by storm. Sean Connery portrayed the role of the British super spy 007 who loved fast cars, fast action and beautiful women. “Bond 25” is now on its way and it does not have a title yet but it will see Daniel Craig once again in the role of James Bond.

Cinema Blend reports that a change could take place while casting for the next saga of the British super spy who uses every conceivable means at his command to outwit his opponents. There is invariably an international plot behind his escapades and the audience wants more.

There are many names doing the rounds and the actor who gets the final nod to don the mantle of James Bond will feel on top of the world.

It will be a difficult choice

Right now, Cinema Blend has identified a set of actors who could vie for the post of James Bond. They are from the movie fraternity and some of them have portrayed similar roles in the past. One of them is Richard Madden. He is currently in the role of a law enforcement agent in “Bodyguard” where he has to protect a VIP.

Another contender could be Idris Elba. He is associated with British television and has a fan following due to “Luther.” Of course, he himself admits that age is not on his side. However, he is in line. Incidentally, the name of Henry Cavill had cropped up after the departure of Pierce Brosnan. At the time, he lost out to Daniel Craig.

The search is not over

According to Express UK, “Bond 25” is the next James Bond movie and it will release in February 2020. This could be the last time Daniel Craig will portray the role of super spy 007 and the fans are curious to know the identity of his successor. It is difficult to predict the winner but the producers will have to make a choice to ensure that the legacy of 007 goes ahead unhampered.

Ian Fleming created the character in the 1960s and the image of the super spy as projected by Sean Connery has become a legend of sorts. Subsequent actors like Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig have added their bits to the image of the icon.

The methods employed by Bond to outwit his adversaries were invariably state-of-the-art weapons and gadgets that improved with the passage of time. It is immaterial whether Richard Madden becomes the next Bond or whether Idris Elba gets the chance. The bottom line is a story and its handling that will gain acceptance of the fans. At one point in time, there were ideas of introducing a woman in the role of Bond. That does not appear to have found much favor.