Thor Björnsson is a member of HBO series Game of Thrones. He is also known as The Mountain, and portrays the role of Ser Gregor Clegane. He hails from Iceland and his wife Kelsey Morgan Henson is from Canada. She worked as a waitress and the two fell in love at first sight. Cupid did the rest and proved that marriages are made in heaven.

New Zealand Herald reports that Thor Björnsson has confirmed the news via a popular social media platform and posted a black and white photo for his fans. He was all praises for his better half and said, “I now get to call Kelsey Morgan Henson my wife!" Incidentally, Thor was crowned the World's Strongest Man, in July in the Philippines.

It was a memorable occasion

The GoT star Thor Björnsson was born in Iceland. He had been dating Kelsey Morgan Henson regularly after meeting her in a bar in Canada. She was a waitress there and the contrast between them was evident. He was 6”9 while she stood at just 5’2. Their meeting was a memorable occasion. It seems she had requested him for a picture and that finally blossomed into what dreams are made of.

After marriage, Thor uploaded a black and white photograph on one of the social networking sites.

Both of them were dressed for the moment and looked a well-matched couple. Incidentally, she has also confirmed their marriage on the social media platform. He is an important member of the Game of Thrones, especially because of his gigantic stature, which is an asset. A former basketball player, he has earned recognition for the way he has maintained his body.

His association with GoT goes back to 2013 and he is the third person to portray the role of The Mountain. He and his wife Kelsey does make a unique couple.

Height is no problem when two hearts beat as one

According to News AU, Thor Björnsson tied the knot with Kelsey Morgan Henson in Iceland over the weekend. He shared the good news over his social media account and expressed joy at the way things turned out.

His wife Kelsey also paid her tribute in glowing words. Björnsson came into the limelight after he was inducted in “Game of Thrones” season four. The HBO series is now in its seventh season and will go into the eighth. The Mountain is likely to remain until the last season. One of his fans was curious to know about his favorite GoT scene, and he replied that it was in season 8 – which is in the future. He is proud of his body, and knows his strengths. He could be looking at options beyond GoT unless HBO decides to continue with the ninth season.