Spoiler alerts have just reported a big change coming to "The Young and the Restless." The breaking news is that the role of Summer Newman will temporarily be recast. The daughter of Nick and Phyllis is in the midst of several front burner storylines so she is an integral part of upcoming episodes. Soap Hub states that Ms. Newman's portrayer, Hunter King will need time off to focus on her prime-time hit show "Life in Pieces, where she portrays Clementine." Soaps She Knows say the actress will be replaced for three episodes by Bayley Corman who has had roles on "Modern Family," "Jane the Virgin," and "Two Broke Girls."

Summer Newman is front and center on Y&R

Since reprising her "Y&R" role as Summer, Hunter King has been front and center in most of the drama in Genoa City. As Ms.

Newman, she has tried to seduce Billy, toyed with Kyle's affections and has tried to ruin her mother's life. She reintroduced Billy to gambling and has blackmailed her father for money because Nick slept with Phyllis. Ms. Newman recently was supposed to sleep with Kyle because he won the bet that she could not get Billy into bed.

Previously Summer and Kyle broke up before sleeping together because Phylis thought Jack and not Nick was her biological dad. Now it's believed that her grandfather Victor and Kyle's dad Jack may be half-brothers, which would make her Kyle's blood cousin. For "Y&R" to decide to recast the role for 3 episodes, rather than film around Summer indicates some scenes that are coming up with the character that must be pretty important.

Summer may reveal secrets out of frustration

Unaware they may be related by DNA, the reason Kyle did not sleep with Summer is that he realized she does not love him. She wants to remain friends and was hurt when he said no. Kyle recently began a friendship with Loa which may cause Summer to act out in jealousy. Should the duo find out that her grandpa and his dad are brothers, this will cause confusion.

Summer may take her frustration out of her parents by revealing their secret and alerting Billy to the fact that Nick and Phyllis hooked up.

Bayley Corman will first appear as Summer Newman on October 1. She looks a lot like Hunter King so some viewers may not even notice she is a recast. Be sure not to miss any upcoming episodes of "Y&R" to keep up with Ms. Newman and her antics. Be on the lookout for updates spoiler alerts to find out breaking news in advance. "The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.