"Y&R" spoilers say that on Friday's episode, Victor will make a bold decision, After insisting that he will never submit to DNA testing and telling his brother to do the same, the Newman patriarch will change his mind. Matt will convince Victor that by agreeing to the genetic testing, he will free himself from their father's control. Albert Miller is the last man standing in the photograph that belongs to Dina.

All the others have been ruled out as her baby daddy. Soon Genoa City will know if Jack and Victor are siblings. The two arch enemies may have to acknowledge that they are connected by blood, and this will change the dynamic between them.

Matt gets Victor to listen to reason

Soaps She Knows indicates that Friday will be a day of decision for Victor Newman and Celeb Dirty Laundry says his brother Matthew will be the reason why. Jack has been trying to convince his nemesis to submit to DNA testing, to find out if they share Albert Miller as a father. Victor angrily refused and told Jack to stay out of his family business. On Thursday Jack asked Matt for a sample of his own DNA, but he refused as he did not want to upset his sibling.

Spoiler alerts say that on Friday Nick will learn of Jack's dilemma and offer to give his own DNA sample to help his business partner. Jack will be grateful but point out that the results will be more conclusive if Matt or Victor would agree to be tested.

Later on, Matt will have a change of heart and get his brother to listen to reason and agree to help Jack after all.

Victor may leave town to deal with the test results

Victor has been dealing with pain, anger, and resentment against his father for decades. Spoilers say Matt will point out to his sibling that by agreeing to the genetic testing, he will be freeing himself from Albert's control.

Surprisingly, the Newman patriarch will agree, and soon everyone will know whether or not Jack Abbott is the half-brother of his sworn enemy.

Spoilers have reported that Eric Braeden who portrays Victor is taking a month-long hiatus from "The Young and the Restless." It's likely that the tests will indicate Jack is his brother and the Newman patriarch might leave Genoa City to deal with this harsh reality.

CDL and Soaps She Knows have promised updated spoilers on this fascinating storyline as they become available. Keep watching "Y&R" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS. It looks like things are shifting and everyone in town will be affected.