The latest updates and spoilers for the live-action "Venom" movie reveal Eddie Brock's first confrontation with the film's main antagonist, Carlton Drake. IGN streamed the first clip of the movie and it shows how Eddie intentionally wants to ask the hard questions regarding the Life Foundations development.

Grammy Award winner and rapper, Eminem, officially announced his new single for the upcoming Marvel film. The movie will focus on Eddie's investigation on the Life Foundation after finding out rumors of them doing illegal human experiments using alien symbiotes.

Unfortunately, one of the aliens got attached to him and gave him superpowers.

Eddie vs Carlton

According to MovieWeb, the first "Venom" clip shows Eddie Brock interviewing Carlton Drake about their breakthrough on space exploration. Carlton explains how humanity can learn about the universe and use its knowledge to come up with cures for terminal illness.

However, the interview goes sour as Eddie begins to shift his questions to Carlton regarding rumors of illegal experimentation. Eddie's producer tries to stop him but he keeps on pushing so the Life Foundation owner calls for security to escort them out his facility, confirming Eddie's suspicions about them.

Carlton will become the villain Riot in the story after he is bounded with his own symbiote.

Eddie, on the other hand, must work alongside with his symbiote to stop the Life Foundation from infecting everyone with the symbiotes.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that the "Venom" movie will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to the fact that Sony produced the whole thing. However, Fandango writer Erik Davis speculated that the film's PG-13 rating would allow the symbiote anti-hero to crossover with Spider-Man in a project.

Eminem's new song for Venom

According to Ladbible, Eminem announced his new single "Venom" for the Marvel film on his Twitter page. The song will also be part of his new album "Kamikaze."

It was previously reported that the film's soundtrack hints at an unexpected ally helping Venom against Riot and the Life Foundation.

Unfortunately, no one knows who that person is, but Screen Rant speculated that it could be one of the symbiote characters.

VFX supervisor Paul Franklin told IGN in a previous interview that the symbiotes arrive on earth to bond and take over their host, with the exception of the Venom symbiote as it desires to coexist with its host. The film will premiere in cinemas on October 5.