Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate a tumultuous future, just ahead, for fans as well as residents of Genoa City. Three longtime cast members will not be seen on screen in upcoming episodes. Doug Davidson says he taped two episodes of the show and has no more in the foreseeable future. Eric Braeden requested a month-long leave due to Davidson's apparent firing, and Eileen Davidson has chosen not to renew her contract. Ashley, Victor, and Paul have been the backbone of the program for decades. These changes are troubling to faithful viewers to the point of calling for the head writer Mal Young to be relieved of his position.

Ashley's departure may be related to recent events

When Eileen Davidson announced some months back that she was departing her decade's long role as Ashley fans were stunned but accepted her saying it was time to move on. Now, however, in light of recent information, it's possible Davidson's choice may be related to what is going on with her castmates. Dong Davidson went on social media to say he had been fired to make room for new characters. Shortly after Eric Braeden said he was taking time off as he was troubled by what happened to Davidson as well as the changing of history in Genoa City.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shares Eileen Davidson's heartfelt goodbye to fans but nothing more has been said regarding her reason for stepping away from "The Young and the Restless." It could be that she is as dissatisfied with the changes Mal Young is making and decided to depart without elaborating.

Daytime drama always moves forward but the absence of Ashley and Paul, along with Victor missing in action will be troubling to viewers who have enjoyed these characters for decades.

More Y&R cast changes will shake Genoa City

In addition to Ashley, Paul and Victor not being seen in coming episodes, there are other recent changes that will affect Genoa City.

Hilary was killed off because Mishael Morgan did not renew her contract and Christal Khalil, who portrays Lily has chosen to be on a recurring basis. Soap Dirt indicates that "The Young and the Restless" will soon add a new female character named Nora. to the cast.

Be on the lookout for additional spoilers to update the status of why Ashley is leaving town and when or if Victor.

will return. There may even be additional info coming as the final fate of Paul. He was on screen last Friday and also on Thursday. Based on Davidson's statement these may have been the last time fans will see him, so stay tuned for additional information.