Beyond the Sky” is a sci-fi movie that tries to delve into the unknown realms of UFOs and aliens. It can be termed as an extension of the popular TV show “The X Files” which showed stories that revolved around paranormal activities. They were inconclusive and invariably ended with the phrase –‘something is out there.’

Los Angeles Times has described “Beyond the Sky” as an alien-abduction thriller with Ryan Carnes portraying the role of Chris Norton. He is a documentary filmmaker and does not believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial visitations. He is out to talk to the people in order to debunk such far-fetched theories.

However, when he meets Emily (portrayed by Jordan Hinson) he has to revise his thinking because she was a living proof that the world is full of many unsolved mysteries.

A story about alien abduction

Any movie of this nature has to depend on the imaginative powers of the team that has to dream up situations to hold the interest of the audience. “Beyond the Sky” is able to do that because Emily insists that she was a victim of alien abduction. It seems it was a regular feature of her life and kept happening at every seven-year interval, right from her birth.

The movie is directed by Fulvio Sestito and when Emily turns 28, the stage is set for her abduction. That is when Chris Norton sets out to find the truth. Action sequences are an integral part of this genre of Movies and special effects are a must to create the proper atmosphere. It is important that the viewers are able to identify themselves with the happenings even though they are works of fantasy.

Beyond the Sky” has plenty of such stuff to add to the curiosity factor. There are also fun cameos from “E.T.” star Dee Wallace, apart from Don Stark and Peter Stormare.

It's all about UFOs and aliens

According to Bleeding Cool, the story of “Beyond the Sky” is simple enough. It is a sci-fi movie involving Chris Norton (portrayed by Ryan Carnes).

He had heard about alien abductions but had never taken them seriously. He ignored them as figments of one’s imagination. To justify his stand, he decides to attend a UFO convention and among those present, there were many who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. One of them was Emily.

After talking to her, Chris realizes that there is much more than we know. He decides to find out the truth and has to, finally admit that there are mysteries. Something strange is certainly happening out there. Incidentally, man wants to colonize the red planet Mars and some believe it to be inhabited by Martians. Additionally, those people believe that aliens have an eye on Earth Such beliefs have been around ever since H.

G. Wells penned his classic “War of the Worlds” and anything might happen, including alien abductions.

LA Times notes the movie starts playing today (September 21) in the Laemmle Music Hall, Beverly Hills.