The outrage continues regarding the recent decisions made by "The Young and the Restless" head writer Mal Young. Actor Eric Braeden, as well as the fans, are shocked at the manner in which longtime cast members have been treated. Eileen Davidson chose not to renew her contract with the show, but I don't know the real reason she has walked away. Greg Rikkart was released from his contract last summer, and Doug Davidson recently said he has been fired from his 40-year role as Paul Williams. Braeden took to social media to plead with "Y&R" management to stop the madness, and also mentioned that Christian LeBlanc, who portrays Michael, is no longer a part of the daytime drama.

Eric Braeden makes a heartfelt plea to 'Y&R'

Last week, Eric Braeden expressed his discontent with the firing of Doug Davidson, who has portrayed Paul William for 40 years on "The Young and the Restless." Braeden himself, who has been in the role of Victor Newman for 38 years, made a heartfelt plea for the madness to stop. Soap Dirt reports that on Friday (September 21), the soap vet expressed his apologies on social media for waiting so long to address the issue. Soap Hub states that the actor stated he had been on vacation in his native Germany, but now wanted to speak his peace regarding recent cast changes on the show.

Braeden voiced his disappointment that Eileen Davidson walked away from her role as Ashley Abbott, and also mentioned that Christian LeBlanc was no longer portraying Michael on "Y&R.

" This is breaking news, as LeBlanc's departure has not been mentioned by spoilers. Greg Rikkart, who portrayed Kevin, did not have his contract renewed by the show last July, and now his television brother Christian/Michael is out. It is not clear whether LeBlanc was fired or left his role.

'Y&R' fans are as outraged as Eric Braeden

Soap Dirt lists a number of tweets where Eric Braden pleaded with management to end the madness of beloved veteran actors being fired or leaving "The Young and the Restless." Fans of the show are equally outraged with the cast changes, even calling for Mal Young to be fired. Soap Hub alludes to the fact that the Bell family sold the rights to the show to CBS last year, and the broadcast network owns 100 percent control of what happens in Genoa City.

Spoilers indicate that Braeden says he usually keeps his opinion to himself regarding changes to the cast, but considers Davidson's firing to be an "egregious mistake." Be on the lookout for updated spoilers regarding this troubling situation and to find out if the powers that be will heed the voice of Victor Newman, as well as the fans. Stay tuned to "Y&R," weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM ET on CBS.