Michael Ketterer is learning some painful lessons this week — ones that prove fame can't fix everything. Wednesday night, September 19, the singer and adoptive dad, to five children from foster care, couldn't help but feel the waves of support from the “America's Got Talent” audience at the Dolby Theatre, as he became a top five finalist in the competition for Season 13. The vote was extremely close between top contenders this year, and Michael Ketterer took his top spot despite powerhouse performances by English schoolgirl, Courtney Hadwin, and two other finalist singers, Glennis Grace and opera singer, Daniel Emmet.

Ketterer was the first contender to exit the top five, according to the vote tally, but as he exhibited throughout his “America's Got Talent” stint, the singer offered only gratitude for the experience. The father and pediatric mental health nurse consistently conveyed praise for his wife, describing only two weeks ago how he could never be the father that he is without the commitment and hard work from her every day.

Michael and Ivey Ketterer captured Simon Cowell’s heart completely, too. The acclaimed British talent mentor clearly took a very personal interest in the entire family after Michael Ketterer earned Cowell’s golden buzzer back in Week 2 of auditions. Now a devoted father himself to son, Eric, Simon even spoke this week of wishing he could simply give the million dollars to Michael Ketterer, for the good of his family.

One of his adopted sons has cerebral palsy, and all of the judges on the panel appeared equally moved by the father’s devotion. Often, however, a public display can differ greatly from what happens behind closed doors, and according to today's September 22 reports from Fox News and USA Today, a dispute between the couple became more than heated.

Booked and bail posted

Fox News reports that TMZ broke the news of Michael Ketterer's arrest on Friday, following an altercation with his wife in their hotel room. Police arrived at the scene and noticed a visible red mark on Ivey Ketterer's body. She chose not to press charges, but her husband was arrested anyway, and his bail was posted at $50,000.

The 41-year-old dad and worship leader described the incident as “a big misunderstanding.” Such deflection is particularly hard to take amidst the diminishment and dismissive attitude showed toward the allegations of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by elected officials who should know better under the thrust of the #MeToo Movement.

The case against Michael Ketterer will be referred to the LA city attorney for review and may be downgraded to a misdemeanor.

Pain beyond the police record

In his very first appearance on “America's Got Talent,” Michael Ketterer implored that “Children cannot dream if they are struggling to survive.” He emphatically insisted that he wanted the home he created with his wife for their children to be a place where the children were free to dream.

Simon Cowell reached out to country superstar Garth Brooks after the “America’s Got Talent” semifinals, asking him to create a song for Michael Ketterer for the finals. The song didn't arrive in time for the finals performance, but Brooks did more than oblige the request. He connected with Michael Ketterer personally for “The Courage To Love,” which Ketterer performed on Wednesday night.

In the contestant’s last profile, children, parents, and patients gave testimony to how the singer had given their lives higher purpose and aided in healing. The Ketterer family needs to embrace their own purpose with fresh energy now, to allow their children to have futures not haunted by pain, where dad is no imposter.

Simon Cowell had pledged to work with Michael Ketterer in the future, and Garth Brooks invited the singer to his Notre Dame show next month. The police record may be a thing of the past by then, but scars of abuse, whether to body, mind, or spirit, stay permanently.