"Vanderpump Rules" Lala Kent finally got a rock on her finger from her boyfriend Randall Emmett. Fans can now stop all the speculation over her various Instagram posts. The engagement came on her 28th birthday this weekend, People reported. TMZ wrote that the big occasion happened in Cabo San Lucas and there was champagne all around. According to them, he said he was so in love with Lala, he was turning "into a bitch." He added, "that's what I am. I've fallen in love with Lala Kent."

Lala Kent seems to be over the moon that she finally landed her movie producer boyfriend.

People confirmed via her rep that this is for real and that Lala is now "officially off the market." According to People, it was a very special moment as Emmett arranged for a viewing of her favorite show "Friends." However, a few minutes into it, it changed to show all the memories they shared together since they started dating. Afterward, Emmett proposed on one knee and Lala accepted the chunk of rock he gave her. There were fireworks and much raucous celebration to mark the momentous day.

Fans of "Vanderpump Rules" know that Lala was rather coy about her boyfriend Emmett at first. She did say she was dating but pretty much hid the relationship. This was probably because of all the rumors that she was dating a married man.

Well, it turned out that she was. Emmett was married to Ambyr Childers, though Lala denied she had anything to do with the breakup of their marriage. Emmett and Ambyr got their divorce finalized at the end of last year. Then at New Year, Lala let the world know they were dating via her Instagram. They had been seeing each other for quite a long time though before she came out with it.

Emmett already asked Lala Kent's dad if he could marry her

People noted that before Lala's dad passed away Emmett had already asked him for permission to marry his daughter. Lala felt that was just very special and she hoped her dad had been there to see them now officially get engaged.

They cited her as saying, "I believe my father was definitely with us last night in spirit, which makes me even happier."

Will Lala stay with the Vanderpump Rules show?

The next thing fans of "Vanderpump Rules" are likely to ask is whether Lala will stay with the show. Or, perhaps we will get to see Emmett on the show? It won't be the first time that speculation made the rounds. But for now, Lala is probably not thinking that far ahead. She's just too happy. She posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "I can’t stop smiling. I’m a fiancé!!! I love you, Rand! Thank you for taking care of my heart and soul everyday. You will always be number 1♥️."