Director Ruben Fleischer’s “Venom” has been given a PG-13 rating which is a surprise to many. The flick was widely expected to get an R rating.

However, Sony is more worried because the flick will be in a faceoff with “Spider-Man.” Therefore much of the gore and blood is going to be removed to the great disappointment of Tom Hardy’s fan whose debut as Eddie Brock will not be as grisly and brutal as expected.

In the build-up to the review of “Venom,” Ruben kept teasing rushes with a dark and vicious tone. Most critics and fans expected the flick to get an “R” rating.

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According to Comic Book, Ruben had confirmed that the film would try to keep the content as close to that of the comic as possible. He further described the “Venom” character as shadowy, more brutal, more inhuman Marvel character ever.

Sony tones down the violence

There were reports in August that Sony was toning down the gore and violence to enable the flick to get a PG-13 rating. A dark and gory character will seem like a crossover between Spider-Man and other Marvel characters.

Sony is planning to make “Venom” the key for its dream of having a shared celluloid Universe which will feature the entire gamut of Marvel characters including Spider-Man Silver Sable and Kraven the Hunter.

This will ensure the flick to reach a wider audience and increase its commercial profitability.

Good Box Office prospects

It is not clear how “Venom” will fare at the Box-Office, but a huge buzz has already been created, and the fans are eagerly waiting for the flick.

Experts predict that it has a good chance of shattering October release records and can fetch anywhere between $60 to $70 million on the first weekend of October.

If the flick manages this much business, it will become the biggest opening in October.

The present record is held by “Gravity” which managed to rake in $55.7 million.

The flick is scheduled to hit the screens on October 5, 2018.

According to Fizziology, an analytics firm that uses several social media platforms into account, the second trailer of "Venom" was viewed 64.3 million times within 24 hours, a 72 percent jump over the first trailer.

The majority of positive responses were directed towards the appearance and design of the film.

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