"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that as time runs out for Oscar, his parents are not able to agree on how to handle his medical condition. Kim wants her son to live life to the fullest and never know that he is dying. Drew disagrees and believes the teen has the right to know. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Kim will be in tears as she begs her baby daddy to remain silent. Soap Hub teases that there will be no resolution this week and Oscar will continue to be clueless as he deals with teenage issues related to the battle with Cameron over Joslyn.

He won't understand why his parents are acting odd.

Kim and Drew at odds over Oscar's diagnosis

On the September 17 episode of "GH," Oscar's parent could not come to an agreement on how to deal with their dying son. Spoilers say this will continue and each will stand their ground as time runs out. Considering she is a physician, Kim seems unprofessional and very much out of control, allowing her feelings to dictate her actions. Drew is more level-headed as he tries not to overstep his bounds.

Drew, however, emphasizes that the fight with Cameron is part of growing up. He also said he wants to tell his son that he is sick, but Kim said to wait until the boy's birthday. Drew tells her that their son's condition could get worse at any moment, and that he could find out he is dying from someone else.

Kim begged Drew to allow Oscar to at least make it through another birthday, and Drew agrees.

Oscar suspects that something is wrong

CDL spoilers say Cameron is going to spy on Oscar and Joslyn while they are kissing and he could become jealous. On Monday's episode, Liz confided in Franco that Oscar is dying. Cameron could possibly overhear this, and may even be the one to let the teen know his prognosis.

Soap Hub says Oscar himself will begin to suspect something is wrong because of the way his parents are behaving. He may do some snooping and find out the truth on his own.

If this happens, Oscar will be angry that his mother treated him like a child and wanted to hide his condition from him. There could also be a medical crisis before the teen's birthday and Kim may have no choice but to reveal all.

Even if it may be a long shot, Oscar may even make a full recovery. One can never truly count anything out on soaps.

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