Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" tease that some troubling times are ahead for a number of Port Charles residents as they deal with various crisis situations. Tempers will flare as Kim and Drew continue to disagree on whether or not Oscar should be told he is dying. Mike no longer wants to live with Sonny and Carly because he feels he has become a burden. A decision must soon be made on where his final days will be spent. Tension will be high between Peter and Maxie who will find themselves in close quarters together and are forced to address their issues.

All of them will be on emotional rollercoasters with circumstances they must resolve.

Maxie and Peter trapped in close quarters

Maxie Jones has been conflicted regarding her feelings towards Peter August since finding out he is Faison's son. She tried to avoid him and clearly, there is tension between the two. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that a crisis will soon throw the two together. Maxie will be trapped in an elevator with the one person in Port Charles she wants most to avoid and has no choice but to deal with Peter face to face. Anna desires to get closer to her son and Robin is back in town, seeking to get to know her half-brother. LuLu is working for Mr. August so eventually, Maxie may let her guard down regarding the man who delivered her son.

Kim will tear into Drew

"GH" spoilers from Soaps She Knows indicates that Kim is going become hostile and tear into her baby daddy this week. CDL says she will be angry because he confided to Sam that Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor. This seems pretty hypocritical as Kim told Liz all about her son's condition. Drew wants to tell Oscar the truth but the boy's mother desires to keep him in the dark.

Kim believes she knows best because she has been the sole parental influence during the teen's entire life. However, Drew thinks their son has a right to know the truth.

Mike's life becomes a rollercoaster of ups and downs

Sonny's dad's life has become a rollercoaster and he is taking his entire family along for the ride. In addition to Sonny and Carly, Jason and Christina have also been pulled into the maze that Alzheimer's disease has caused.

During his lucid moments, Mike is beginning to feel that he is a burden to his family and CDL indicates that he will decide to look into memory care centers. Soaps She Knows says Sonny may find he has no choice but to consider this as an option. There is also the matter of the police finding the body Mike hid under Julian's pub. Be on the lookout for additional "General Hospital" spoilers to update each of these exciting storylines.