For close to a year now, many "General Hospital" viewers have been waiting for the chemistry between Jason and Sam to ignite. Based on spoilers, a smokescreen has been put in place and JaSam fans will have to take a back seat. The writers, however, have most likely put up a smokescreen to delay the inevitable, and it's based on a crisis -- Oscar's cancer diagnosis. Sam cut ties with Drew and divorced him because although she will always love him, Jason is the love of her life. In addition, Drew knows his ex-wife will never feel about him the way she does for his brother.

Sam and Drew bond over Oscar's diagnosis

Last week on "General Hospital" Kim told Drew that their son had an inoperable brain tumor and he later shared the news with Sam. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that the couple will bond and grow closer during this crisis, but JaSam fans should not consider this as evidence that Dream will reunite. From the moment Patient 6 crashed through the roof at the Metro Court, saved Sam's life, and was revealed to be the true Jason Morgan, viewers have believed it inevitable that Jason and Sam would get back together.

Oscar's diagnosis will naturally draw his dad and Sam closer, but Drew will also need to be there for his baby mama Kim. There is also the fact that Andrew Cane said he wanted to regain his own memories and not live his sibling's life.

Even though they still have deep feelings for each other, Sam fell in love with the idea that Drew was his brother and he cannot get over that. Jason, however, has said he will accept his ex-wife regardless. Drew may always have a piece of her heart and soul but Sam and the viewers know that Jason is her soulmate.

Oscar may determine the fate of Sam and Drew

The fate of Drew and Sam may ultimately be in the hands of Oscar. If the teen gets a medical miracle, the crisis will be over and the bond between Dream will probably not last. Even if Oscar dies, there is more that will separate Sam and Drew than will keep them together. JaSam is energized by solving mysteries and protecting those they love.

The explosion at Charlie's pub, Mike's erratic behavior, keeping Margaux at bay, and the need to cover for Sonny will keep Jason and Sam in each other's orbits.

CDL says Sam is going to threaten Margaux and suggest it is in reference to Drew. It could, however, be a warning not to try to take down Sonny, Mike, and Jason. Soaps She Knows' fall preview teases that Kim is going to rip into her baby daddy and it's probably because he wants to tell their son he is dying while Kim wants to keep it quiet. Sam will stick by her former husband during this difficult time but it will not change what is deep in her heart. There is also the issue of "General Hospital" giving the fans what they have been waiting for for an entire year -- JaSam reuniting.