"General Hospital" spoilers have thrown out a possibility related to the bones found in the basement of Charlie's pub that is intriguing and also plausible. Soaps She Knows teases that Julian may have played a role in the death of the man whose body Mike buried. Last week Mr. Jerome told detective Chase that he purchased his new business venture because he sold his media empire to Sam and Drew while he was incarcerated. Spoilers indicate that this week the former mob boss will discuss his role in some past event and it could be that he is as involved in the murder of the pub owner as Sonny and Mike.

This new twist is definitely worth paying attention to

Julian may have been involved

Mike tried to help his son and dug up the body and buried it where the pub now sits. Mr. Jerome seemed interested in picking Mike for information regarding his relationship with the former owner of the establishment and has so far kept quiet about the connection he made to Mike, the explosion, and the body underneath his pub.

Soaps She Knows says Julian will discuss his role in past actions thsi week, so it may turn out that Mr. Jerome's hands are not completely clean in this matter. "GH" writers have a way of connecting dots so Julian's silence may be more about keeping himself out of trouble than having leverage over Sonny and Jason.

Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers indicate Margaux will be close to the truth this week but Sonny will do his best to keep her at bay. It will be interesting to watch how everything comes together and find out if Julian indeed was involved in the murder.

Julian's past is sordid and varied

Julian's former life is pretty sordid as he is the son of a mob boss and became one himself.

Like Sonny, he has remained a step ahead of law enforcement regarding most of his crimes. Mr. Jerome is trying to go legit but the varied atrocities he committed prior to his last stint in jail may come back to bite him big time. It's possible that spoilers are alluding to something else in Julian's past that has nothing to do with Charlie's pub.

The "GH" writers seemed to be trying to bring peace between the Jerome and Corinthos families, with Julian showing compassion for Mike and now Christina working him in Charlie's pub. In a recent scene Sonny, Jason, and Julian were in the same room and there was no overt animosity. It could be that as Margaux is closing in on the truth, that this unlikely trio may have to work together to keep Mike out of prison and erase any trace of evidence that connects any of them to the crime. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers on this intriguing storyline and find out if Julian knows more than he is saying.