On "General Hospital," Michael "Sonny" Corinthos seems as if he were taken from the pages of Mario Puzzo's award-winning book and movie series, "The Godfather." In Puzzo's work, the main character was Michael Corleone who had an older brother nicknamed Sonny. Michael's first wife died when a bomb in their vehicle exploded and after his father, a mob boss died, Michael took over as the Don. On "GH" Maurice Bernard's character has the first name of one Corleone brother and the nickname of the other. He is a mob boss and his first wife Lily died because of a car bomb.

Now spoiler alerts say Bernard is set to star as real-life crime lord John Gotti in a new made for television movie.

Maurice Bernard elated to be part of Victoria Gotti's story

According to Soaps She Knows, Maurice Bernard recently announced his new movie role on Instagram. The popular actor said he was excited and thankful to be chosen to portray crime boss John Gotti. The most recent film about the life of the mob boss cast John Travolta in the starring role. "GH" viewers have voiced their opinion for years that Bernard would be a great choice in a movie about the mafia kingpin and now it's about to become a reality.

Bernard did not give an air date for his new venture and there is currently no mention of "The Victoria Gotti Story" anywhere else on the Internet.

This leaves it unclear as to whether the Lifetime production is about the crime lord's wife or daughter as both were named Victoria. The movie covers three decades and is told through the eyes of the mobster's son, John Gotti Jr.

Maurice Bernard also front and center on GH

In addition to being cast in the starring role in the Lifetime movie, Maurice Bernard will be front and center on "General Hospital" as well.

Celeb Dirty Laundry states that this week evidence will come to light that links Sonny to a decades-old murder. His father Mike Corbin saw him kill a man and later dug up the body and buried it elsewhere. It has recently been revealed that the dead man is underneath the foundation of Charlie's pub. On Monday Mile caused a gas leak and the building exploded.

Spoilers tease that Sonny may finally be indicted for the murder.

Soaps She Knows has promised to keep fans updated regarding "The Victoria Gotti Story," so be on the lookout for new spoiler alerts. CDL will continue giving advance notice related to the dead body underneath Charlie's pub. Keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST and find out if the murder charges don't stick and Sonny will become a "Teflon Don" like John Gotti.