Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that JaSam fans will have to wait a little longer to find out if their favorite couple will reunite. Soaps She Knows states that this coming week Jason will be diplomatic and give no details about his relationship with Sam. Soap Hub, however, teases that it will look as if Jason and Sam are headed to the long-awaited reunion, but things will shift. Instead of growing closer, there will be new challenges that keep the dynamic duo apart. This will not be good news for loyal viewers who have been patiently waiting for close to a year to see their favorite couple reunite.

JaSam fans have been misled

Last summer, "General Hospital" executive producer Frank Valenti said that a very intriguing storyline was coming in October and that it would be wrapped up in nine months. Patient Six was revealed as Jason, and the man Sam was married to turned out to be his twin, Andrew. It has now been 11 months without a clear sign that JaSam will get back together. In addition, Drew still does not have the flash drive with his original memories.

Soaps She Knows provides details for the coming week regarding other Port Charles residents but the spoiler only says that Jason will be diplomatic. No hint is given as to what situation this refers to. Soap Hub only teases that JaSam fans will be misled, and once again will be cheated out of the long-awaited reunion.

First, Sam decided to stay with Drew but kissed Jason on New Year's Eve. She admitted she loved him and divorced Drew, but decided to take time to find herself without either man.

Sam and Jason can overcome the obstacles

it's unclear why the "GH" writers are prolonging this storyline, as Drew and Sam are over and she never stopped loving Jason.

The duo has remained in each other's orbits and even worked on cases together, but neither has shown any hint of the passion they once shared. They have overcome obstacles in the past so whatever the spoiler alerts are alluding to can easily be dealt with.

Faithful viewers are becoming weary and deserve much better from the powers that be.

For this reason, perhaps they will wrap all of this up very soon. Drew needs his memories and JaSam need closure so they can all move forward. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers regarding this storyline, and make sure that you don't miss one episode of "General Hospital" by tuning in on weekday afternoons at 2:00PM EST on ABC.