Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Steffy may not be so approving of Liam and Hope as a couple after all. Soaps She Knows says that she will soon tell Ridge that she wants to drop the Hope for the Future clothing line while promoting the Brooke's Bedroom fashion line. After acquiring Dollar Bill's shares of Forrester Creations, Steffy initially assured everyone that their jobs were safe and she had big plans for Hope's project. Now it seems she will have a change of heart which will cause problems all around. Celeb Dirty Laundry emphasizes that Brooke will not believe that her stepdaughter really wants them all to be one big happy family and will be keeping an eye on her.

Steffy may stop Hope for the Future

Steffy assured everyone that her taking charge of Forrester would not result in dropping Hope for the Future. She later insisted that she was on board with Liam and Hope's wedding and their being a blended family. Spoiler alerts don't say why she changes her mind, only that she will tell her father of her desire to discontinue the clothing line that was such a hit during the recent fashion show. Ironically, Ms. Forrester will decide to promote the lingerie that Brooke developed.

Thorne recently hired Zoe, who saved the day by wearing the show-stopper during the fashion show (which got great reviews). This is why there does not seem to be a logical reason why Steffy would want to shut down one of the most popular and profitable divisions of her family company.

Whatever her motivation, it seems that she is being petty and Brooke will probably be the one to point it out. CDL says that she is not buying her daughter-in-law's new attitude and that that will only add tension to her relationship with Ridge.

Brooke and Hope may experience double tragedy

Brooke has been the number one person pushing for her daughter and Liam to marry, even though Ridge did not agree.

Now, however, her dream for her child may turn into a double tragedy. On Friday's "B&B" episode Hope began having stomach cramps. If she were to lose her baby and her division of Forrester Creations, it would be difficult for her to handle.

Hope has already lost one child with Liam, and a second miscarriage would be heartbreaking.

Steffy shutting down her rival's business venture in the wake of a miscarriage would be pretty cruel. Even if the baby is not in danger, Brooke will be gunning for Steffy the same way she went after Taylor.

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