General Hospital spoiler alerts say that the identity of Nina's daughter is about to be revealed and this knowledge will send shockwaves throughout Port Charles. On Tuesday, in an attempt to save his marriage and give his wife the one thing she lacks, Valentin made a bold move. He visited his mother-in-law in prison and coaxed Madeline into admitting a secret she has been keeping. It seems that 20 years ago, Nina's baby did not die, but was given up for adoption. Curtis has now been briefed and asked to investigate and what he finds out is going to change the lives of numerous people.

Kiki happens to be the number one candidate as Ava once dated Silas and even admitted that he was her daughter's biological father.

Evidence mounts that Kiki is Nina's daughter

When Kiki first came to town, It was revealed that Ava had allowed her to believe that Franco was her biological dad. It later came out that Ms. Jerome had an affair with Dr. Silas Clay while he was married to Nina, and that he was her father. Now, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, evidence is going to mount that Nina and not Ava is Kiki's mom. At first, Nelle was thought to be the long lost child, but she has left Port Charles to serve her sentence in Pentonville. The spoiler gives compelling reasons why young Ms. Jerome may be the child that was thought to be dead.

Madeline told Valentin that she was not the motherly type so she gave Nina's baby up for adoption. Since she always hated Silas, it's possible that she colluded with Ava to keep him from him his child. CDL points out that Ava is always critical of her daughter and does not seem to have a bond with her. This could be explained if she was raising the child of Nina and Silas and Kiki was not her own flesh and blood.

Nina's daughter's identity is coming soon on GH

CDL spoilers do not give a time frame for the revelation of Nina's daughter, but it should be coming soon. Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows state that General Hospital will be preempted on, August 29, 30, 31, and again on Monday, September 1. If the truth does not come out in the next few episodes, it will probably be exposed the first week in September.

With Curtis on the case, the answers will be swift and sure and if spoilers are correct all of Port Charles will be shocked,

Kiki's inability to get along with her mother and now having slept with Ava's beau, Griffin might be easier for viewers to accept if the two women are not related by blood. If indeed Ms. Jerome is Nina's daughter it would make Obrecht her great-aunt, and the late detective Nathan West her uncle. It would also indicate that she is not related to Julian who has been a supportive uncle. be on the lookout for spoilers to update this rivetting General Hospital storyline.