Tim Conway, a six-time Emmy-winning comedian, has dementia. The 84-year-old’s daughter Kelly Conway and wife Charlene are embroiled in a fight over his health care, Page Six noted. A court hearing is scheduled for September 7 to address conservatorship involving Conway.

Since a court ruling on August 31, Kelly has had a temporary restraining order that blocks Conway’s wife, Charlene, from relocating him to a different care facility, according to Kelly’s attorney and Page Six.

The comedian’s daughter and her brothers are said to be “extremely happy” that the judge ruled in favor of granting a restraining order that prevents his wife from moving him, which can be stressful for people with cognitive decline, such as patients with dementia.

Conway’s adult children also conveyed their gratitude to friends and to fans for their continued support and outpouring of love.

Conservatorship hearing that affects comedian set for Friday, September 7

Friday’s hearing is set to “decide conservatorship,” according to Page Six. Conway’s condition has declined, which the publication states was affirmed by Michael Harris, who is Conway’s lawyer. Harris also said: “Conway has lost the ability to speak.”

Conway is living in a 24-hour facility that provides round-the-clock care.

Charlene wanted to move him. Harris described her as “devoted.” Regardless of her devotion for her husband, she is barred from moving him unless the court lifts the restraining order.

Wife claims daughter violated medical privacy

Charlene Fusco Conway contends that Kelly Conway “violated” her father’s medical privacy or HIPPA, claiming that Kelly obtained a “fabricated medical report." (Radar Online, September 1).

Conway’s wife asserts that his daughter arranged for a doctor to examine her husband while she (Charlene) was not present, and that the doctor did not “sign in or announce the reason” for visiting her husband.

In addition, Charlene contends that the doctor did not “want to interview” her about Tim’s condition. Some of the medical information the doctor accessed was reportedly “highly sensitive."

Conway’s wife refuted the claim that she intends to move her husband out of the care facility.

Conway has been married to his wife Charlene for 34 years. Along with his inability to speak, Harris stated that his client is currently “suffering” with “fluid on the brain,” according to People.

Award-winning comedic roles

The beloved comedian played a central role in television’s “McHale’s Navy,” which starred Ernest Borgnine. Before landing that role, however, Conway received his break into show business in the 1950s.

The “Steve Allen” show led to Conway performing legendary sketch comedy. His early career was advanced even more when he was a cast regular during the 1970s on the “Carol Burnett Show.” His performances often caused his castmates to break character as they laughed on camera.

One of the six Emmys that Conway was awarded resulted from his appearance on “30 Rock” during the show’s second season, People pointed out.

Between Conway and his wife Charlene, they have seven children. She wants the judge to toss the restraining order and to deny Kelly Conway conservatorship.

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