Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that there will be trouble in paradise on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Hope is in fear of losing a second child as Liam and Steffy offer her moral support. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Hope will indeed lose her child and will take desperate measures to keep her husband. The spoiler also indicates that Steffy is going to make some moves that cause problems for the blended family which she herself initiated. Her endgame may possibly be to remove her rival from the equation and win back Liam's love.

However, this plays out, neither Lope nor Steam will truly be a winner.

Hope and Liam face big obstacles

Steffy conceded in her efforts to keep Liam and gave her blessing to Lope. On Monday when she found out that Hope may be in danger of a second miscarriage, she seemed as if she genuinely wanted the pregnancy to succeed. Soaps She Knows spoilers indicate that Ms. Forrester is going to do all she can to help Liam and Hope as they deal with this pregnancy crisis. On Monday the doctor could not find a heartbeat, and CDL indicates that the baby will die. The spoiler also says that Hope will panic and take drastic measures to ensure her marriage survives.

CDL does not indicate exactly what Ms. Logan will do but if the doctor tells Hope in front of Liam that she has lost the baby there is no way she can fake still being pregnant.

The spoiler only says that she will come up with a scheme that will ensure her marriage stays intact. If the baby dies, Lope will have huge obstacles to overcome including dealing with Steffy and Kelly, while grieving for their own child.

Steffy may be key to LOPE's future

Earlier "B&B" spoilers said that Steffy is going to tell Ridge she wants to discontinue the Hope for the Future clothing line. It's difficult to imagine she would do such an insensitive thing if Hope loses her baby.

Spoilers are vague on how she will support Liam and Hope and why she would turn on them and try to get Liam to come back to her and Kelly. It is also not confirmed that Lope will miscarry.

One thing that is certain is that history is repeating itself for the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families. The love triangle between Steffy, Liam, and Hope.

seems poised to be going on for a while. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers regarding these characters and also the fate of the unborn child. Lope may stand strong or lose ground and Steam be given another chance. Be sure to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST on CBS.