Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that the peace treaty between the Spencer's, Forrester's, and Logan's will continue, at least for now. Celeb Dirty Laundry says the new normal that began last week indicates smooth sailing as Steffy decided not to marry Bil. She says she chose herself and plans to become a strong powerful single mom who needs no help from a man. She then gave her blessing for Liam and Hope to be together, adding that they all need to get along for the sake of their children. Soaps She Knows says that Liam and Hope will be stunned and surprised as they deal with Steffy's olive branch but fans know all this goodwill may just be the calm before the next storm.

Steffy reigns supreme for now

Steffy took charge of her own life by refusing to accept Dollar Bill's terms for marriage and tried to give back his shares of Forrester stock. Bill told her to keep them and accepted that she does not love him or desire to be his wife. She removed Liam's ring from her finger and placed in Hope's hand, thus giving her blessing to "LOPE". it seems right now that Ms. Forrester is reigning supreme and spoilers indicate she will ride the wave for a season,

Longtime "B&B" fans realize that Dollar Bill Spencer does not accept defeat and will probably pursue his lady love at a future date. He is in a state of disbelief right now, but when Liam commits to Hope as spoiler alerts say he will then the path to Steffy will be free and clear.

While she now believes she does not need a man to complete her, in time Bill may sway her with his charm.

Liam and Hope will find happiness temporarily

"B&B" spoilers allude to Liam's inability to commit as a reason his reunion with Hope may be short-lived. In recent months he found himself kissing Sally when he was supposed to be dedicated to Steffy.

He turned to Hope immediately and jumped in bed with her after he wrongly believed Steffy was continuing her affair with Bill. Steffy finding him, making out with her rival in the dressing room at Forrester was the last straw,

Spoilers suggest that Steffy giving her blessing to "Lope" will allow them to temporarily find happiness, but true love never lasts for long on daytime television.

Between Liam's indecision and Bill's manipulations, the long-term outlook indicates a not so hopeful future. Previous spoilers already teased that Bill and Steffy would reignite the passion they feel for each other so stay tuned to see how it all plays out.