Season 8 of "Alaskan Bush People" has the Brown family starting their new life in Washington State, building their new Browntown from the ground up. As Ami is now in remission, why can't the Browns return to Alaska?

When Ami was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer, early in 2017, Billy and their seven children decided to leave Alaska. They left it as if they would never return, making fans wonder why they couldn't keep Browntown where it was and just keep coming back from time to time. The patriarch of the bush family explains why.

It's all for Ami's health

Billy told Monsters & Critics that when they received Ami's diagnosis, they were told that they couldn't go back to Alaska. "We didn’t really have much choice in how we decided," he said, adding that if they returned to the Alaskan bush, it would be difficult to set something up for Ami - medically. It is still a big risk to return there in case something bad happens to Ami.

While in remission, Ami still needs to be near the hospital. She needs to check in, every three months, for CAT scans. In fact, this week, Ami is back at the UCLA Medical Center for another checkup. In previous interviews, Billy had said that Ami still has traces of the disease, although a big chunk of them have already been removed.

Washington is not new to the Browns

We still wonder whatever happened to their original plan to set up the new Browntown in Colorado, as what was revealed in the final episode of the previous season. There's no explanation on the change yet, but Washington surely feels more like home to them. This is because the Browns reportedly stayed there from 2009 to 2012.

Whether it's Alaska or Washington, the Browns seem to be happy just to return to the wild. They are building a barn in their new homestead, which is now called North Star Ranch. But what's more important to them is that the family is now complete for the first time in a year.

Bam Bam has joined his parents and siblings this season, leaving his fiancee Allison Kagan for a while.

Moreover, Noah has also reunited with them after he tried to forge his own path with his wife, Rhain Alisha. The two brothers might not stay for long with the rest of the family though. Bam and Allison are renovating a boat while Noah just recently got married to Rhain in Idaho.

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