After a long hiatus, "Alaskan Bush People" returns on television for Season 9. The family went through a tough year last year, as Ami battled late-stage lung cancer. Before the new season kicks off, the latest updates on the Brown family includes Noah's wedding and new details about Ami's fight against cancer.

Noah and Rhain tie the knots

One Brown is now a married man—Noah, 26, has finally tied the knots with Rhain, 27, two years since they first met each other in Hoonah. The intimate ceremony was held in Idaho on August 15, with about 25 guests.

Rhain wore a simple white wedding dress from David's Bridal while Noah wore his choice of a black and white suit with a deep purple tie.

The couple had been engaged for quite a while, and many rumors surfaced that the two already got married in secret. But this time, it is official. Noah told People magazine that they are excited to start this new chapter in their lives as a husband and wife and to build their own family.

Ami shared her happiness to witness her son get married after what the family went through last year. "We wish them years of happiness," she tells People.

Ami's cancer was worse than people were aware of

Meanwhile, a recent interview with Billy, 63, and Ami, 54, revealed that Ami's cancer turned out to be worse than most people were aware of.

In an interview with Radar Online, Billy shared that there was a time when Ami "fell over dead" for about 20 minutes. It was back in November when she was supposedly healed. "It was horror," the Brown patriarch said, and he thought he would lose her for good.

As the family announced in December, Ami's cancer is in remission.

Billy now said his wife still has a stage 0 primary. The mother of seven still has traces of the disease, but the growth has been slow, and most of it had been taken out.

Ami's battle continues, and it is the main reason why the family could not return to Alaska. Billy said that they were told that Ami needs to be near the hospital all the time because she needs to be checked and treated for her cancer.

He added that when they learned about it, they decided to leave Alaska and have to stick with that.

Browns start over a new life

Banking on the idea that "Browntown is where the Browns are," the "Alaskan Bush People" family returns to the wild. It may not be Alaska, but it is much a home to them. They are starting to settle in a 400-acre property in Washington, which is also a remote area. In a preview of the new season, Billy shared that they plan to build a ranch with cattle and barns. Ami describes their starting over like "being born again and starting a new life."

"Alaskan Bush People" Season 9 premieres August 19 at 9 PM ET on Discovery.