"Alaskan Bush People" family is nothing short of controversies, with the most recent one talking about the feud between Noah Brown's wife, Rhain Alisha, and his two sisters, Rain and Snowbird. Of course, Noah stands up for his wife amid the rumors that Rhain won't use his surname because of the ongoing conflict with his family.

'She's my wife for life'

Recently, reports emerged that Rain has accused her new sister-in-law of stealing her name and is creating confusion because now that Rhain is married to Noah, there are two "Rain Brown" in the family.

Rhain's real name is Ruth, but according to her mother, she changed it to Rhain when she was in senior high, which means she'd been using it long before she met Noah.

Because of that, there have been rumors that to avoid more drama, Rhain is not taking Noah's surname. However, in an interview with Radar Online, Noah set the record straight.

"Rhain is my wife and she is my wife for life and of course she will be taking my last name,” the 26-year-old son of Billy and Ami Brown said.

Not on good terms with Brown sisters

While Rain and Snowbird attended Noah and Rhain's intimate wedding last month, reports say that they still don't get along so well with Rhain. In fact, now that "Alaskan Bush People" has returned for Season 8, some fans are wondering why Rhain was cut from the show.

In a social media post using Noah Brown's account, Rhain revealed that the family doesn't like that her name is so similar to their youngest. She added that Snowbird "has a lot of mean things to say" about her.

"Let's just say, it is best for the family if I am not on camera," Rhain added. "Which is fine with me because I am so camera shy."

Marital bliss

Regardless of how Noah's family does not fully accept Rhain, the couple is enjoying their married life.

Noah told Radar Online that after being engaged for more than a year, "It feels wonderful to be married." It felt like a long wait for them to finally be called husband and wife, so now Noah said it feels like a "huge weight has been lifted."

Rhain's mother, Merilyn Merill, also said that Rhain is so in love and is happy to be married and be called Mrs.


When asked about their plans to have children, Noah said they want to have several kids. However, they are in no rush to have one, and they just want it to happen naturally.

Noah is the first among his siblings to settle down, and fans are already excited to see the first "Alaskan Bush People" grandkids.

For now, you can catch up with the family on "Alaskan Bush People" every Sunday at 9 PM ET on Discovery.