Nicolas Cage fans got a glimpse of a special preview screening of his film “Mandy” which premiered on September 13 at select Alamo Drafthouse and Regal Cinemas. The film opened in select theaters on September 14.

Devoted fans gather to support Nicolas Cage film 'Mandy'

To celebrate, RLJE Films, LegionM, and their partners organized several meet-ups across the country for fans to gather and discuss Nicolas Cage’s career. Fans received a “Mandy” poster and a limited-edition “Mandy” pin. Following the film was a recorded Q&A from the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles featuring Nicolas Cage, director Panos Cosmatos, Linus Roache, and moderator Kevin Smith.

Unfortunately, there were no questions taken from the audience.

Mandy” is an intense, dramatic “rock opera” set in 1983 that follows Red Miller (a lumberjack) and his wife, Mandy Bloom. They live in peaceful tranquility in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. When Mandy is abducted and killed by a religious cult, Red hunts down the culprits and all hell breaks loose.

Local filmmaker Jeff Frumess hosted the event

One of the meet-ups was held at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Yonkers, New York. Jeff Frumess is a local Westchester film producer and passionate Nic Cage fan who served as the host. He directed the highly-acclaimed indie film “Romeo’s Distress” -- which is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The film was shot in different locations around Westchester.

Jeff was looking to host a meet-up in Westchester because there was only one in New York City at the time and it wasn’t convenient for him. A meet-up was scheduled at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Yonkers and the rest is history. He was in charge of distributing the posters and pins to all the attendees.

“There’s not enough local communal Westchester events, so I thought we would need more events like this,” Jeff explained. "22 people signed up for this event. I was afraid I would have trouble getting eight and that was not the case. The minimum is eight.”

Frumess said his ultimate quest is to see every Nic Cage film ever made.

“My quest is to see every Nic Cage film ever made, but I am in no rush. As soon as I saw they were giving out free pins, I knew I had to start a meet-up for Westchester people. It is a wonderful opportunity to try and create community around something as special as Nicolas Cage going bat**** insane!”

Frumess continued: “I truly believe there is no such thing as a bad Nic Cage film -- he is such a talented, genius actor that is unafraid to explore any area, any region of the human psyche. He is also like tofu and is going to taste like whatever you season him with, so in reality, everything you get from Cage is authentic to whatever director he is working with.”

Jeff is currently launching a crowdsourcing campaign for his next film, “Wash Away.” The film will star Ghastly Grinning managing editor and close friend Jacob Trussell.

The film is about Stanley, a therapist who is given the opportunity to engage in nefarious activities and exact vengeance on a former nemesis who ruined his life years prior.

To create awareness for the project, Frumess will soon be launching a Seed and Spark crowdsourcing campaign and horror-themed talk show called “Little Talk of Horrors."