The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal the first six episodes and one title hints the possible death of Carlos Valdez's character, Cisco Ramon (a.k.a. Vibe). The Hashtag Show reported that the CW Network announced a casting call for a metahuman villain and the information given teased the live-action debut of DC villain, Ragdoll.

The fifth season of "The Flash" will feature Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen helping their daughter, Nora, to get back home from the future after causing a series of problems in the present timeline.

Team Flash will also have to deal with a new main villain, Cicada, as he wants to eradicate all metahumans in the Central City.

The first six episodes for season 5 revealed

According to Comic, the first six episodes for the fifth season are "Nora," "Blocked," "The Death of Vibe," "News Flash," "All Doll'd Up," and "The Icicle Cometh." The third episode hints the possible death of Cisco and cast member, Candice Patton first hinted it in an Instagram photo before she quickly deleted it.

While the details of how Cisco will die in the episode has not been revealed, comic book fans and viewers worried that showrunners will actually kill off one of the show's most beloved character. Valdez has been portraying Cisco on the show since the pilot episode and his performance brought life, comedy, and exposure for both himself and the DC superhero.

Cisco is responsible for creating the costumes and gadgets for his team, even naming the villains they have encountered. Fans already saw Cisco died at the hands of Eobard Thawne but it was reversed thanks to Barry's first-time travel experience.

Ragdoll casting call

According to The Hashtag Show, The CW Network is looking for actors to portray DC supervillain, Ragdoll, for "The Flash" TV series.

Ragdoll's real name is Peter Merkel and he is described as a 20-year-old criminal, who is emotionally disturbed. His metahuman powers allow him to bend his whole body and fit into small spaces.

Team Flash will have a hard time catching him as his demented mind will allow him to construct unspeakable and horrific plans against them.

The casting call also revealed that actor must be a flexible dancer or a professional contortionist to play the character.

It was previously reported that Kid Flash will only appear in three episodes and "Secret Lies" actress Kiana Madeira is cast as Spencer Young (Spin) in the show.