DC Entertainment and The CW Television Network revealed the trailer of the new season of "The Flash" at San Diego Comic-Con. It featured the entire cast meeting and helping Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen's future daughter, Nora. They are fighting a new villain named Cicada. Cast member Tom Cavanagh also announced the new Harrison Wells character in the fifth season and hinted that this version of Wells will be different from the previous incarnations.

The premise of the show's fifth season will focus on family as Barry and Iris try to get know their daughter.

They want to help her undo a mistake she made in the present that affected her future.

Season 5 trailer at SDCC 2018

According to Screen Rant, the season 5 trailer starts with a small recap of Barry's final battle with Clifford DeVoe as he destroys his satellite to stop it from crashing down towards Central City. He told Iris that there was another speedster that helped him destroy it at that time. The next scene opens with Nora going inside the West family home, and she informs everyone that she is Barry and Iris's daughter from the future and seeks their help to get back home.

Team Flash is shocked by the revelation as Nora explores S.T.A.R. Labs, the Speed Room, and the CCPD crime lab. Barry feels that Nora should go back home where she belongs as she fears that she will be erased from existence.

The trailer also confirmed that Nora's superhero name is XS and the reason she cannot go home has something to do with the huge mistake she made in the present timeline. The video ends with a teaser of the show's new main villain, Cicada played by "American Pie" movie star Chris Klein.

Cicada, in the show, has the ability to "disable" metahuman powers and has a grudge against them for his misfortunes.

He will have cult-like followers on his quest to get rid of them in Central City, including The Flash.

Meet Sherloque Wells

According to Comic Book Resources, Tom Cavanagh told the audience during their panel at the SDCC 2018, that he will introduce a new version of Harrison Wells to "The Flash" TV series, named Sherloque Wells.

Unlike the previous versions of Wells in the show, Cavanagh described how Sherloque is very suspicious and untrustworthy.

“It could be a past one and it could be a new one, and we’re going to kick off with a newer one who is a very intelligent being, but is maybe not to be trusted,” Cavanagh said. Cavanagh has portrayed numerous incarnations of Harrison Wells in the show, most notably Harry Wells from Earth 2. It is unknown if this Wells is a genius scientist from his Earth or has a different occupation.