"Shazam" spoilers reveal that Superman may not appear in the new DC film. YouTube channel Superhero News claims that Clark Kent will not meet Billy Batson in the story. Director David F. Sandberg also revealed new details about Billy Batson and his motivations in the movie.

"Shazam" is one the upcoming DC Movies that Warner Bros. Pictures is working on, along with the "Aquaman" solo film. The studio showcased its first "Shazam" teaser trailer at San Diego Comic-Con and it featured Billy Batson trying to learn his new-found powers with the help of his friend/foster brother, Freddy Freeman.

No Superman appearance

According to Screen Rant, Superhero News host Mark Hughes provided updates about Superman's status in the DC Extended Universe. He stated that there is no movement regarding the "Man of Steel 2" movie, as Warner Bros. has not yet worked on any development plans for the sequel. He also adds that Superman will not be making a cameo appearance in the live-action "Shazam" movie. "As of right now, there's no Superman in Shazam! and there's no movement on a Superman solo movie, Hughes said. "All this stuff is going to wait until they know for sure."

In the DC comics, Billy Batson was inspired by Superman to become a hero and was able to meet him in his superhero form. The two heroes have also clashed with one another, as comic book fans debated who is more powerful.

While fans will be disappointed that the Man of Steel will not meet Billy Batson in his solo film, its connection to the DCEU has already been established, as Freddy collects superhero memorabilia in his room, such as the Batarang and newspaper clips of Superman.

Producer Peter Safran told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that Billy may end up joining the Justice League in future projects.

'Shazam' is all about family

"Shazam" director Davide F. Sandberg told Comic Book (via Geek Tyrant) that the film's main theme is all about family, as Billy has been searching for one ever since his mother left him. "He's trying to find his family. His mom is still out there," Sandberg told Comic Book. "But once he gets these powers, he's just trying to figure out what to do with them and how it works."

The SDCC trailer revealed that Billy has been running away from every foster home in six counties and he is forced to live with another one, or he will end up in a juvenile detention center.

Billy does not believe in family, but his journey in the movie will slowly help him realize that he needs one. Billy will fight Dr. Sivana in the film and he is obsessed with finding the Rock of Eternity, the source of Shazam's power. Dwayne Johnson also confirmed that Black Adam will not appear in the movie.