The "Real Housewives" franchise is hugely popular with fans. So is Chrissy Teigen, model, and wife to John Legend. Fans of the show would dearly love to see Chrissy become a part of it. Meanwhile, the good news is that Chrissy is open to the idea. But there's a downside. She really doesn't think she could manage the reunions as they would make her cry. That's certainly a possibility as even fans often struggle to hold back the tears at times.

Real Housewives would have to make a special condition for Teigen

Chrissy took to her Twitter to talk about the possibility of playing a part in one of the "Real Housewives" franchises.

While she didn't say which "Housewives," it may be that she was talking about "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." US Magazine noted that she once mentioned it when she headed over to visit China. At the time she said she'd love to do it, but wouldn't like to make Erika Jayne sad. She was referring to the cast heading off to Hong Kong where Erika ended up crying after the boat ride.

Just Jared writes about Chrissy's latest tweet on the matter. It seems that Chrissy is afraid of crying! In her Tweet, she wrote, "I think it would be a three-part series of me crying," in reference to the reunions. She did say that she likes the idea of the rest of it, but there would have to be something in her contract that means she won't have to "do the reunions." She added that she also couldn't "wear a ballgown on a couch for 12 hours."

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is full of strong characters

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is full of strong women.

Chrissy is no pushover either. The immense charismatic appeal of them would certainly be enhanced if Chrissy Teigen joined the likes of Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. But for now, there's no proof that Bravo would take her on, so it's all speculation right now. Even if they did bring her in on the cast, back in April she tweeted that she's a fan of the show but didn't want to get involved in the drama of "RHOA."

That referred to when she was dragged into the Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leaks feud that got a bit snippy over on Twitter.

She tried to distance herself by saying that she had "delightful" interaction with "All the housewives really," but did mention that a Vanderpumper needed a "good push back down to earth."

What do think of the possibility that Chrissy Teigen would consider doing the "Real Housewives" show? Do you think she would be dynamite? What are the chances she could get a "special contract" so she doesn't have to go to the reunions? Keep up to date with "Real Housewives" news and gossip by checking in with Blasting Pop often.