Celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are allegedly expecting a second baby. It appears that their 17-month-old daughter Luna is going to be a big sister soon. Fans are happy that their family is growing especially because Chrissy is has a hard time conceiving.

The pair tried to conceive for two years but they had resort to in-vitro fertilization as they weren't able to have a baby. There were two viable embryos that were captured during the fertility process. One is baby Luna while the other is still frozen. If Chrissy is indeed pregnant, it means that the frozen embryo was saved and was implanted successfully.

Who spilled the news?

As of this writing, the couple did not give any statement yet about the rumored pregnancy. But where does the news came from? According to Celebrity Insider, it was Chrissy's mother Vilailuck Teigen who was overheard saying that her daughter is pregnant. Vilailuck came to visit Chrissy on the set of "Lip Sync Battle."

She was talking to someone who said that the model had been crying for no reason. With that, Vilailuck said that her daughter is just too emotional because she is pregnant. Aside from that, an insider noted that Legend's wife had been wearing loose clothes to hide her growing baby bump.

According to In Touch Weekly, Chrissy said that the remaining embryo is a boy.

She even gushed that she is sure to have a baby boy since that is the embryo that they left. It appears that the couple indeed decided to have another baby via in vitro fertilization.

The couple's marital problems

Regarding their alleged pregnancy, In Touch Weekly reports that it would help save the couple's marriage. It is said that their marriage is on the rocks and they attended counseling for six months.

Their marital issue started when Chrissy had postpartum depression after welcoming daughter Luna in April 2016. She also engaged in excessive drinking which brought her marriage to a breaking point. The two are also fighting non-stop, but despite that, they are trying very hard to make their marriage work.

The outlet further reports that their friends fear that their new baby will just be a "Band-Aid." In Touch added that they need to do a lot of work to make sure that they will be together for long. It also said that Chrissy loves John and wants to make her marriage work. If they do have a second baby, it will be a big reason for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to stay together.