Jenelle Evans is reportedly making demands of MTV in regard to her husband David Eason and his potential return to "Teen Mom 2" but if she doesn't get her way, she can't quit. Although Jenelle was seen threatening to quit the show during last week's episode of season 8B, a source told Radar Online days ago that the mother of three is currently under contract with MTV and unable to leave the show on her own terms.

“[Jenelle Evans] is negotiating with MTV to film for another season," the insider explained, adding that the reality star already has a contact with the network and "can't quit." "Only [MTV] can fire her," the source continued.

The insider went on to say that while Evans continues to demand that her husband David be included in "Teen Mom 2" season nine, MTV is unwilling to budge and has no plans to welcome David Eason back to their series.

Jenelle Evans suggests MTV is hypocritical

"[Jenelle]’s been pointing out how many homophobic things Bristol Palin has said, and [MTV] hired her," the source told Radar Online. So, because of Palin's casting on "Teen Mom OG," Evans continues to do whatever she can to get Eason back on the show. As for her own role, the insider said Evans is "locked" into filming season nine unless her producers change their minds and decide that they no longer want her on the series.

“[Jenelle Evans] is trying everything she can to make [the network] do what she wants," Radar Online's insider added.

But unfortunately, she has the same contract as all of the other women of the show and is unable to simply walk away.

As for Evans' potential thoughts regarding hypocrisy, they seem to follow that of her husband, David Eason. As "Teen Mom OG" fans may have seen, Eason recently lashed out at MTV for hiring the allegedly homophobic Bristol Palin and the reportedly racist Cheyenne Floyd, who has yet to be confirmed by the network.

David Eason won't appear on 'Teen Mom 2' season nine

No matter what Jenelle Evans wants, it is not likely that MTV would ever choose to air more footage of David Eason on the show. After all, he shared tons of homophobic tweets with his audience earlier this year and didn't seem to be very apologetic about doing so. He's also offended tons of people online with his frequent gun photos, some of which feature his children and the young children of his wife, nine-year-old Jace and four-year-old Kaiser.

"Teen Mom 2" airs on Mondays at 9PM on MTV.