Back in October, LaVar purchased a 16 000 square foot house for the cost of $5.2 million. His house, which is known as the "Ball estate," is so big, that there is space to drive golf carts around the property so, LaVar bought two golf carts, each of them for different purposes. LaVar once said that his mission is to have all three of his kids on the Lakers. With his eldest son, Lonzo, already on the Lakers, his middle son LiAngelo worked out with the Lakers in hopes of being drafted by his hometown team.

New whip

Golf carts aren't only used on the golf course.

LaVar showed just that as he bought two golf carts for his property. One of them for Tina so she can drive around in it. Tina had her driver's license taken away as it is not safe for her to drive while she is recovering from her stroke. With the golf cart, Tina can drive around the property and practice driving with the aim of getting back to driving a car on the road one day. The other golf cart is for the workers working on his house as LaVar is still making renovations in the house that he has lived in for barely a year. With the golf cart, it will be easier for the workers to move things around the outside of the house.

When he went to check out the golf carts, one thing LaVar made clear - Melo is not allowed to drive around in the golf carts.

Melo already has a Lambo and a BMW that he can drive in and LaVar said that he doesn't need another. Even though LaVar didn't want Melo driving in them, he still drove the golf carts on the property and even on the road. Melo decided to drive a golf cart to a store and on the way back, he decided to jump out of the cart and was seen lying on the road.

Preparing for the draft

With the draft coming, Gelo is preparing and doing everything he can to get drafted despite everyone saying that he has no chance. Gelo did a Footlocker commercial, with Trae Young, in which Footlocker also got LaVar to be part of. Since LaVar forgot his line multiple times, they had to re-shoot the commercial a lot.

For Gelo, it must easy to remember his lines as he always got them perfectly. Gelo said that there's a huge difference between being an athlete and being an actor and that being an actor is exhausting because of the producers.

Gelo was invited to work out for the Lakers, his hometown team and Zo watched. Gelo thought that his workout with the Lakers went well and that he did the best of anyone at the workout.

Out of all drafts for major sports leagues, the NBA draft is the biggest deal. Big names in the draft get interviews with sports media outlets, endorsement deals and stuff like that. With Gelo being a popular name in the draft, Gelo was interviewed by SportsNation and was asked questions about how he prepared for the draft, what he thinks of the many people that don't see him getting drafted and other questions.

Next episode

After the "Ball in the Family" episodes on Facebook Watch, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 10, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, someone tried to take one of Melo's silver chains, the JBA season kicks off, and LaVar gets mad at the JBA players that are staying at his house for not cleaning up.