On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," Ava convinced Julian to put the missing baby blanket back in the Quartermaine house. She handed him a bag with the item inside and he snuck into the mansion and placed it in a drawer in the nursery where Michael and Nelle's son would have been sleeping. Michael later found the blanket while talking to Sam, and spoilers say she will convince him to turn it into the Port Charles Police Department. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that this evidence may be key in getting Carly released while putting the final nails in the coffin of Nelle, who believes she is going to get away with her crimes.

Ava and Julian may save Carly and seal Nelle's fate

Soap Hub spoilers indicate that Nelle will be manipulating and causing drama until the bitter end. On Monday she taunted Jordan because she believed she could get out of being arrested for her crimes. Michael's baby mama was so confident that she grabbed the police commissioner's arm in a threatening manner. Her reign of terror is just about over however because Ava had Julian return the baby blanket that Carly said she was grabbing when her nemesis fell down the stairs. This evidence will possibly be tested for DNA which will prove Carly's claim that the fall was an accident.

Ava, with the help of her brother, may have just sealed the fate of one frenemy and saved another from prosecution.

The blanket will back up Carly's claim of innocence but will also be more questions. Sam and Michael know that the baby blanket was not in the drawer all along, which means someone placed it there. As Nelle is in police custody, this will validate Carly insisting that she had an accomplice. Spoilers indicate that Michael turning in the blanket will be instrumental to his mother's case, but don't say whether Ava and Julian will be found out.

Nelle drops hints about Michael's baby

Nelle has always been cryptic and cynical and now according to CDL, in her last days, she is going to leave clues, regarding her and Michael's supposedly dead baby. "GH" spoilers say there will be a showdown between Carly and her nemesis, who may drop hints to get under her almost mother in law's skin.

Spoilers say Michael's baby mama will exit Port Charles with a bang so viewers don't want to miss these last episodes.

No one except Brad realizes that Nelle swapped children with him and that he and Lucas are actually raising little Jonah. Obrecht delivered the child and knows he was born alive and healthy but she is long gone. Spoilers tease that the birth mother of the dead baby still has time to change her mind and it's possible the secret will come out within the next 30 days. be on the lookout for additional "GH" spoiler alerts to find out in advance if Carly goes free and if Julian and Ava pay the price for tampering with evidence.