"General Hospital" spoilers tease that two explosive secrets, related to storylines surrounding Ava, will soon be revealed. A Monday promo from Soap Hub shows Scott continuing the conversation he began on Friday, where he tries to tell Ms. Jerome that her daughter and lover have betrayed her. Ava mistakenly believes it is about the photo of Griffin and Kiki hugging, so Scott backs off but says that as an officer of the court he is required not to withhold any information. This indicates he will more than likely use the damaging information to his advantage.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Ava will recognize Oscar is wearing Morgan's cologne, and this may unmask Nelle's deceit.

Scott will snitch Kiki and Griffin

Longtime "General Hosptial" fans know that Scott Baldwin has no qualms with doing anything he can to win a case and then allowing the chips to fall where they may. On Thursday, the former DA overheard Kiki and Griffin admit they slept together. This puts Mr. Baldwin in the crosshairs of an unthinkable situation. He is the defense attorney for Dr. Bensch who Kiki is suing for sexual harassment.

Scott took the case so he could secretly throw it and help Ava's daughter. Now, however, he knows that Kiki has been intimate with another doctor, who happens to be her mother's lover.

This explosive secret will destroy Ms. Jerome as well as tank her daughter's case. Alexis, who is representing Kiki, has asked her several times not to withhold any pertinent details. Soap Hub indicates that Scott will indeed snitch and it could put the ball in Dr. Bensch's hands as well as end Griffin's career.

It looks like Port Charles is in for some intense drama this week.

Oscar's cologne will trigger Ava's memories

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Ava will get a whiff of the cologne that Joslyn gave Oscar and recall that it was Morgan's brand. If she questions the young man and he explains it was a gift from Joss, spoilers say Ava's wheels will begin turning.

She will probably put two and two together and realize that Nelle stole the bottle from her and used it to gaslight Carly.

Ava is already in over her head because she is hiding the baby blanket that Carly and Nelle were fighting over. This new revelation, however, may cause Ms.Jerome to consider turning on Nelle and saving her own skin. Ava truly loved Morgan and will be livid that her employee used her is such a devious scheme. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC, and be on the lookout for spoiler alerts that give a heads up on this riveting storyline.