For quite a while, Netflix has been the home for a number of Marvel shows. including "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," and "Luke Cage." It also was the main release platform for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Often, after the films were done with their theater run, digital and Blu-ray releases, they made their way to Netflix for streaming. However, that will soon be coming to an end thanks to Disney's new service.

'Captain Marvel' won't be on Netflix

As the New York Times recently reported, the film "Captain Marvel" will be the first Marvel movie that won't be available for Netflix streaming.

"Captain Marvel" is due out in 2019 just ahead of the fourth "Avengers" movie. Based on the report, that "Avengers 4" film, along with all others after it, won't be available for streaming on Netflix either.

It was reported months ago, that Disney would be launching their own streaming platform. That subscriber-based platform is moving forward and Disney has said "Captain Marvel" is the first Marvel film they'll have available.

That obviously won't be until some time in 2019. In addition to "Captain Marvel" and "Avengers 4," there's also the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" film. It's scheduled for July 2019 and will follow the Avengers movie on the MCU timeline. So the Spidey sequel will also stream on Disney's service.

More Disney/Marvel details

As mentioned, there are popular Marvel shows on Netflix, including "Daredevil," "Iron Fist," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage," and "Punisher." It appears that these will all remain available for Netflix streaming as things move forward.

The newest shows coming up are "Daredevil" Season 3 and "Iron Fist" Season 2. There's always the potential for that to change, based on what Disney decides for their streaming platform. The new service has been dubbed "Disneyflix" in some circles.

Disney has been making an effort to purchase back the rights for their Star Wars Movies from TBS.

The television network owns the rights to show the films, but Walt Disney Studios wants them available for streaming on their new network. There are plans in place for a new animated "Clone Wars" show which will also be on the new network.

Disneyflix service cost unknown

Right now, there is little known about what the Disney streaming service will cost. Competitors like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix each offer different plans. Currently, Netflix subscribers get to choose one of three different plans.

A basic plan runs $7.99 per month but doesn't offer HD or Ultra HD. In addition, the Netflix streaming is only usable on one screen at a time. Subscribers who pay $10.99 a month get HD and two-screen availability for streaming, while the third and final tier ($13.99/month) offers HD, Ultra HD, and four screens at once.

Of note, Marvel Comics' biggest competitor has mostly been DC Comics. Many of the big DC movies, in recent years, have been in conjunction with Warner Bros., and there has been a DC streaming service announced. It will cost $74.99 per year, with it ultimately also having a $7.99 per month option for subscribers. The service will feature new shows, movies, and even a digital comic book library for subscribers. One has to think Disneyflix will be close in price or try to be competitive.

At the start, Disney films and older Disney TV shows will be available on their new network. However, there may be plans to bring more diverse programming, such as Natural Geographic and "Fox properties." Disney recently announced they were acquiring those Fox rights. That should make things very interesting for the future, but also expensive for those trying to subscribe to multiple services.