Last year, the Brown family, who starred in “Alaskan Bush People,” revealed that their matriarch, Ami, was diagnosed with an advanced stage lung cancer. But not everyone is convinced. There are still people who think the producers of the show and the executives of the network would go as far using cancer to make up storylines for the series. In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Discovery Executive Vice President Laurie Goldberg confirmed that “Ami’s battle with cancer is very real.” The statement shuts down various speculations that the 54-year-old did not really have cancer, especially after the news that she was able to survive with less than a three percent chance of survival that the doctors at UCLA gave her.

Goldberg said it was “disgusting” that people say Ami’s cancer was not real. She added that the chemotherapy and radiation had been tough, but Ami made it through. The news has also been confirmed by the network itself.

Ami goes back to the hospital

Last week, “Alaskan Bush People” confirmed, via the show’s official Facebook page, that Ami has returned to the hospital in Los Angeles. Nothing grave though, as this is part of her routine checkup every three months. “Ami Brown heads out for further testing,” the page post reads.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Ami’s lung cancer has disappeared. The doctors said both her lungs are cleared. The battle is not yet done though. This is a remission stage, and it will take at least five years before it can be said that she survived cancer.

As such, she needs to undergo further testing on a regular basis to see if cancer has returned or not. With this recent checkup, Goldberg shared that Ami is optimistic and is very much surrounded by her family’s love. The executive also shot down rumors about a drama going on in their family and said that they love Ami very much and are willing to do everything for her.

‘ABP’ to return for Season 8

Goldberg added that fans will be able to witness Ami’s journey alongside everyone in the family in the upcoming season of “Alaskan Bush People.” The executive, last month, confirmed the show’s return for another season and clarified what’s causing the delay, such as the extreme winter and some health issues among family members.

The Browns have moved to the Washington state, and Ami is so happy and has many plans for their new home, the Discovery executive added. There is no exact date yet of the premiere for the new season. We’ll let you know when we get updates, so stay tuned!