Fox announced the official season 2 trailer of the X-Men spin-off show, "The Gifted" at the San Diego Comic-Con and it features the divided Mutant Underground facing new threats from both humans and mutants. The show will also introduce two new factions; the secretive mutant tribe, the Morlocks, and the anti-mutant terrorist group, the Purifiers.

The show is part of the "X-Men" film franchise and it centers on the Strucker family trying to survive the harsh world of human/mutant conflict after their children, Andy and Laurel, discover they have powers.

They are rescued by the Mutant Underground and try live by Professor Charles Xavier's dream of peace between the two species.

Season 2 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con

According to Digital Spy, "The Gifted" Season 2 trailer starts with a pregnant Polaris inside the Hellfire Club headquarters and her powers are increasing due to the baby inside her womb. Eclipse feels her presence and contacts the Mutant Underground to help find Polaris and their baby.

Sentinel Services are still hunting down mutant members of the Underground and the Hellfire Club makes a stand against the humans led by Reeva. She declares that the X-Men's dream of peace between humans and mutants has failed, and the Inner Circle will do what it takes to gain the power to rule the world under their image.

The underground is reunited with the Strucker family as they try to stop the Hellfire Club and save Polaris, Andy, and the rest of their friends from Reeva's grip. The trailer also sees the Inner Circle helping Polaris deliver the baby safely as her powers are out of control due to labor pains.

Enter the Morlocks and Purifiers

According to, executive producers Matt Nix and Jeph Loeb announced more X-Men characters in season 2 during their Comic-Con panel.

“We’ve got some really exciting characters who are straight out of the comics," Nix told the audience. "The deeper you read the comics, the more you’ll enjoy who we’re bringing in.”

They also announced that the Morlocks and Purifiers will make their live-action debut in "The Gifted" TV series.

In the comics, the Morlocks are a group of mutants living underneath the sewers of New York City and they try to hide from the humans who would hurt and discriminate against them. Blink seemingly joins them during the events of season 2.

The Purifiers are a paramilitary anti-mutant group that captures and kill mutants under the belief that they are "cleansing" the human race. X-Men have fought them on several occasions and they are usually accompanied by Sentinel robots.