The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" TV series reveal new details for the possible main villain of the show's fifth season. The Hashtag Show reported that Barry Allen and Team Flash will face a new foe under the name fo "Desmond Paull" and it has something to do with his hatred for metahumans in the new season 5 plot.

Team Flash recently defeated Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. The Thinker in the season 4 finale as they celebrate their victory. But it was cut short when a mysterious girl walked to them and asked Barry for help. As it turns out, she is Nora Allen, the future daughter of Barry and Iris West-Allen.

Executive producer Todd Helbing teased that a new version of Harrison Wells will be featured in season 5.

A new enemy coming for Team Flash

It was in the season 4 finale that Jessica Parker Kennedy's character was revealed to be the daughter of Barry and Iris who came from the future. She was the one who assisted Barry in taking out the Thinker's satellite to stop it from crashing towards Central City. Nora came to Barry for help as she told everyone that she did something, terribly wrong.

Nora calling for her parents' help may have something to do with the big bad of season 5 as The Hashtag Show claims that Desmond Paull is a semi-immortal metahuman who had the ability to "disable" other metahumans' powers.

Desmond, in the show, has a grudge against metas as he blames them for his misfortunes.

THS speculated that Desmond could be the show's version of Davide Hersch a.k.a. Cicada. In the DC comics, Cicada gained his powers after he was struck by lightning while trying to commit suicide. He eventually created a cult that attempts to kill everyone that Barry saved as the Scarlet Speedster.

The show's producer, Todd Helbing, told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that the season 4 finale originally had a credits stinger that would introduce the next villain for season 5. Helbing also teased that he and the producers will be revealing more details soon, either online or at Comic-Con.

Another Harrison Wells

Helbing told ComicBook (via We Got This Covered), that season 5 will introduce another version of Harrison Wells for the show, played by none other than Tom Cavanaugh.

"This year, I was up there for the finale, and I sat down with Tom and we started sort of spitballing some possible new Wellses," Helbing said. " The two of us came up with some good options, but I think we landed on one particular that serves the story in season five really well and gives Tom something new and fun to play."

"The Flash" TV series has introduced audiences to the many versions of Harrison Wells. The most memorable version was Harry from Earth 2. The first Wells turned out dead after being killed by Eobard Thawne and took his place in S.T.A.R.

Labs. Season 3 introduced H.R. Wells, a writer and a not-so-genius version from Earth 19. Finally, season 4 revealed the Council of Wells and the Council of Harrisons, two factions comprised of numerous alternate versions of the same person.