Melania Trump has been known for avoiding her husband's hands whenever they appear at public events together, but during this year’s annual 4th of July picnic, at the White House, the First Lady finally allowed the President to hold her hand. She was smiling but, according to a body language expert who recently spoke with Life & Style, the FLOTUS actually looked uncomfortable.

Melania Trump didn’t look relaxed

Melania Trump shared a photo, on Instagram, that shows her standing next to the President, on the Truman Balcony, as he greeted the crowd.

Patti Wood, a body language expert, was asked to assess the photo and told Life & Style that the First Lady didn’t look relaxed and comfortable. According to Wood, the FLOTUS’ arms were too stiff and straight. She said that she looked as if they were frozen in the same position.

“They look like they are right next to each other, where it’s a little different because usually he’s stepped out in front, just a little bit more,” Wood added.

The body language expert went on to say that she didn’t expect Melania Trump and the President to display more affection than this to each other as the Truman Balcony is intended for formal occasions. However, she still believes that the First Lady’s glued arms made her appear uneasy.

Melania Trump holds hands with the President

Many people were also surprised when Melania Trump didn’t ignore Donald’s attempt to hold her hand during the 4th of July event.

When asked about the photo, that shows the couple holding hands while traipsing the staircase, Wood said that the President held the Slovenia native’s hand down to show that he is in power. However, the First Lady’s fingers were actually around the POTUS’ hand, which means that she just didn’t allow him to hold her hand like any other powerful man would.

Melania Trump and the POTUS' body language speak otherwise

Wood added that Melania Trump and the business tycoon lacked mutual eye contact, despite the fact that she looked at him and smiled. Instead, the body language expert suggested that the First Lady’s smile was more of a “big model smile.” The FLOTUS is known for her grace when it comes to fashion, and the reader may recall when Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen also evaluated her fashion statements.

Karen said that although Melania Trump doesn’t talk a lot, her outfits speak boldly, such as her coat cape that adorns her shoulders, suggesting, according to Karen, that she is trying to create a barrier. Her high power stilettos also suggest that she wants people to know that she towers over them.